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what i do during online summer school.  tear apart magazines and make my ugly school notebooks look cool.

what i do during online summer school pt 2.  i tattooed myself.  it didn't come off for a week.

what i do during online summer school pt 3.  i almost fall asleep because i've been up since 5:30am.

summer afternoons.  reading in nike shorts.

babies in skinny jeans.
(on another note, yes, i bought my brother girl skinny jeans.  they literally don't sell skinny baby boy jeans)

sometimes the light looks really nice in my house.

baby toes and jean cutoffs <

we watched the olympics together.  go jamaica!  go democratic republic of the congo!  go united states!

what you do when you're sick and tired of wide-legged skinny jeans for babies.  you make them skinny.  yes, sometimes the sewing machine is my best friend.

a braid and a favorite urban outfitters shirt

non-dairy ice cream love.  just because i'm dairy free doesn't mean i'm going to miss out on life and happy moments like root beer floats and sundaes.

saturday morning laundry.

fix-your-brothers-jeans pt 2.  these were some ugly pant things before (should have taken a before photo!)  they soooo needed some re-doing.  love the finished product. 

that light!  i have a photography issue, obviously.  taking advantage of every lovely light photo in my home.

missing my jemima.

loving babies in swaghats. 

i channel the inner swimmer in my every night when this is how my hair turns out.  in a crazy thing at the top of my head.  

summer is over in two weeks.

the new IG update... no thank you

i love when he talks to me

baby toes and... is that a wine glass?  (hello taylor).  no, it's not wine.  it's what happens when all the cups are in the dishwasher and i've run out of options.

with the hashtag #mykitchenatnight.  i love my home at night.

i love instagram and the quirky way they provide to document life.  love. 

T.F  – (August 26, 2012 at 9:06 AM)  

Psh. The wineglass when you run out of options? We all know you picked it because it's specialllll. ;) <3 <3
Missing you. And my wineglass.

Olivia  – (August 26, 2012 at 3:40 PM)  

love the picture of your braid- cute :)

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