A Few Of My Favorites

...Emmy Dresses!!!!

I thought Claire Danes looked SPECTACULAR!!

I loved the dress... the hair... everything about this dress was beautiful!  I loved how the top didn't go as far down as most other dresses, too :)

I think this is my second favorite.  It is amazing!!

I really hated this one... January Jones.  Haha!  January.  I wonder if she was born in January...

Why in the world was Kate Gosselin at the Emmys??  Wearing this kind of disgusting dress?

I loved loved loved loved loved Lea Michele's dress!!  If this was in white, I would want it for my wedding dress. 


A Night to Remember

So.  My mother agreed to go into Walgreens after we went out on my cousins boat to buy water balloons.  Not just a few.  500.  500 WATER BALLOONS!!  So, the house we were staying at was right on the canal.  AND some people would drive by on their boats at night... As well as the occasional couples on the little canoe things.  We were all on the very tippy top of the roof eating dinner and my Uncle decided to start throwing these things.  Let me tell you... we got several people mad at us.  Several, according to the police, of course.

He started throwing them at the boats, kayakers, paddle boarders, annnnnd... the occasional neighbor with her boyfriend ;)  The people across the street starting yelling: "KNOCK IT OFF!  YOU ARE LITTERING." (my cousin's girlfriend, Devan actually read the back and it said that it was biodegradable)

So anyways after a night full of "fun" we got a visit from the police asking us to STOP throwing water balloons.  Soooo... we stopped.  But it was definitely a night to remember.


Do Hard Things

Today, I finished the book Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris.  Two 19-year-old twins that want to change this generation's teens.  In my opinion, I looooooooooved the book.  It was really great.  I would recommend it to any teen out there--Christians, or not.  After reading this book, I was trying to think of ways to be (in their words) a Rebelutionist.  I guess I will have to just wait and see...

Take a peek at their blog.  

I hope that you will read this book!!

{I am going to the conference on September 11th at SBC if anyone would like to join me?}


Winnie the Pooh quotes

I found these quotes and thought they were worth posting...

"If you live to be 100, I hope to live 100 minus 1 day so I never have to live without you."

"If the person you are talking to doesn't appear to be listening, be patient.  It may simply be that he has a small piece of fluff in his ear."

" 'I don't see much sense in that.' said Rabbit.  'No,' said Pooh humbly, 'there isn't.  But there was going to be when I began it.  It's just that something happened to it along the way.' "

"People who don't think probably don't have brains; rather, they have grey fluff that's blown into their heads by mistake."

"Did you ever stop to think, and forget to start again?"

"Eeyore was saying to himself, 'This writing business.  Pencils and what-not.  Over-rated, if you ask me.  Nothing in it.' "

"It's so much more friendly with two."

"Owl hasn't exactly got brain, but he knows things."

"They're funny things, accidents.  You never have them until you're having them."

"To the uneducated, an A is just three sticks."



Hey guys!!  Im in California right now and am enjoying the cool weather!  I forgot to put a post up saying that I won't be posting so here it is!!!  Sorry, my fellow blog readers... I just can't really (or don't want to) find the time to blog during vacation!!!

see ya Monday!!


We Love You...

...Cherise and Isaiah.  Oh we miss you so much!  It has been extremely quiet here the past week and it is sooooo weird!

I miss your sweet faces and everything about you.  Can't wait to see you.




I fall in love with this photo more and more every time i stare at it.  


Cutest Picture Ever

This picture we snapped w/ JD, Reagan and Ben, Cherise and Isaiah and my bros.  There was no room for me so I sat on the floor... :( lol!

A few hilarious stories from that night:

After my dad says "Go get your swimsuits we're going night swimming!" Ben says, "Wow we're going swimming in the dark!" Reagan: "We can't swim in the dark there're no lights!" JD: "This is awesome!  Midnight swimming!" (it wasn't even midnight...) They thought going nigh tswimming was awesomely awesome while we go almost every night. LOL

{will add more later}


A Delicious Summer Treat

I had a few friends over recently and we made these:

All you have to do is make homemade chocolate chip cookies (or use store-bought) and when they are room temperature slab some yummy ice cream on one (in this case, Neapolitan).  Then grab another and smash them together.  Roll in sprinkles or chocolate chips.  Then scarf it down.  Make sure you chew before you swallow and enjoy every bite because these are amazing. 




  Galilee  created a new blog.  I love it.  It shows her real personality and I love how you can read her thoughts.  

Jemima has her amazing Happy Flower Designs that is amazingly beautiful.

Hal wanted me to help her create a blog for her.  i loooooooove it.

Photography Blogs

Dawn Gregg Photography (Galilee and Jemima's mom) is an amazing photographer.  I love her stuff.

Brianna Anderson Photography is a blog I found from a friend who posted it on facebook.  I love her photography!!

The Pioneer Woman {photography} is a great place for photographers or just people who want to take great pictures.  She is always taking amazing pictures or giving great tips on photography.

Red Thread Photo is my friend Abi's aunt's blog.  She is also a great photographer in Seattle.  

Donna Boucher Photography {aka Quiet Life} takes AMAZING pictures.  I just love it.  

So there is my little list of blogs.  Enjoy reading!



Welcome to the World, Hannah Joy!

A dear friend of ours had her baby on Sunday.  It was a crazy day for us.  We were doing respit for Cherise and Isaiah for the weekend and there knocked the Roberts wanting to know if we would take their 3.  We then went from 6 children to 9 in a matter of hours.  It was a great day.  The Roberts kid's first sleepover - ever.  But now... we have a sweet baby right next door.  yay :)

This was their first look :)

Reagan is so excited to be a big sister!!!

Here is the preciousness.  Oh.my.goodness.

here is the hilarious thing... I asked Ben if he was excited to meet his sister and he said... "Well sorta." me: "just sorta?" ben: "ya.  i just hope she doesn't bother us like Reagan always does." I was laughing.

Welcome to the world, Hannah Joy.



We went to a "heavy appetizer" party thing with all of my dad's clients.  The "heavy appetizers" were chips and salsa.  

After we got in the car I said....

"I am never eating another {tortilla} chip again."

And I won't.  Not for at least a month.



Cabo was a blast!!!

So the first night we just sorta relaxed :)

The next day we went to the pool and walked on the beach. (we can't swim in the ocean cuz the under toe was so bad)

But we could play in it!

and Dig!

We loved this photo as a christmas pic but... my dad's not in it.  So here's a little something funny we came up with... ;-)

"Merry Christmas! ...... Bruce took us to Cabo this summer and left us there..."


Liam's "chair".

See our room?  If you click on the picture look for where the towel is hanging.  All the way on the right.

Here's one of the pools :) Negative edge w/ a bar so we can sit and eat and sip smoothies.. :)

Here's our patio.

And the kitchen...

And the view from where we walk out of our room.

The next night we went to a place called "7 Seas".  It was delicious.

Then we went to an amazing mexican hole-in-the-wall called Guacamayas.  That was amazing.

And this was amazing-er.

Then we went and took a few pics on the deck :)

And I shot this photo of some famous person's house.  If you know who's house this is, please tell :P

We went to a little "quaint" town called Todos Santos.  We ate at this place called:

We then tried on sombreros.  

And went next door to the Hotel California.

We met this lady who has a really cool story...

She lived in Canada and decided to move to Todos Santos and eventually bought the boarded but "Hotel California".  

We went to the Jill Logan Gallery.  

This is Todos Santos.

We then found a swimmable beach.

And then we spent the last two nights at my dad's work things... it was interesting.


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