what we do at baseball games.

With 3 boys in baseball, we're always at baseball games.  So, what do we do at baseball games, is the question.

Well, we take pictures of our shoes.

We take pictures of where our parents are sitting just because the lighting is cool.

We may even snap a few pictures of the kid playing baseball. 

And then we take pictures of each other eating (we get pretty desperate).

We even pick at grass!

Isn't it exciting?  I sure think so.  


home improvements.

We've been doing a few needed things to my room lately.

Piano bench.  Before:

This is the lovely before pic.  Pretty wonderful fabric choice, no?  ;)

Here is my mother in the process.

And, unfortunately, the process is not over yet.  We are having staple gun problems.  I'll post the after pic later.

I put all my nail polished in a jar and I think I like how it looks.....

I also put some fabric over my bulletin board....
before. (I'm sure you're noticing that it says April.  That's the only picture I have of it before)


This is how my desk looks now.... it's still kinda messy, but I LOVE having a typewriter on it ;)

And even our front yard is making progress!  


Remember this post?  We are making serious progress, and I'm happy.

I like home improvements.  


vintage stuff.

 I found some really amazing things at the Goodwill yesterday.

I found a typewriter.  A typewriter.  Yes.

It is amazing.  It's so much fun, and I feel really cool while typing on it ;)

I also found some really amazing vintagey glasses.

They're fantastic, too.

And then.....

a bowling bag.  I know.  Call me totally insane.  But HOW AWESOME IS THIS BAG???!?!?

After it gets cleaned up... it'll be amazing.  And what do you know.  I found some shoes inside it when I got it home.  And, they're my size.  I said that this must be meant to be ;)

How cute are they?!?!?!  Totally cute.  Now I can be the home-schooled girl that wears bowling shoes and types on typewriters. 

And then.... a glass vase to start my collection.

this is what i'm going for:

and then....
I found this camera strap on my grandpa's camera, and thought it was amazing.  

I love my vintage stuff.  



my list of things to do this summer.

my list of things to do this summer.

+wear this hat.

i have never worn it.  and i need to.

+wear funky nail polish.

i already do, but i want to continue doing it.  it's super fun.

 +do more things like this:

+get my grandfather's vintage camera to work.

i am really looking forward to getting this camera fixed and then to snap away with it.

+buy this.

this is something that's been on the wishlist for a long time, and now i've finally found it.  i can't wait to buy it!!!

+make more of these.
oh. and wear them ;)

i have a recent obsession with friendship bracelets.  they're super fun to make, but they're also super fun to wear, and they just make everything so summery. 

{i will probably end up adding some things to this list later on... but this is a start, anyway :P}

what's on your summer to-do list?



bright colors.

I don't know about you, but i love bright colors.  when i'm at a store full of shoes, i'm drawn to the bright colors.  the neons.  and lucky for me.... bright colors are "in" this season.  it's a great way to make a statement.... with a bright watch or nail polish.

I really love this watch, and if I could get it right now, I would.  

I've been waiting to find a nail polish this color for a long time.  I think it's super fun and goes with anything.

I love everything about these outfits.  

This is how I wear all my jeans.  I looooove the look, and especially this color of jean.

I really love color blocking, but I think this puts a really nice and modern look to it.... and I love it.

now go get some bright colors!!!!!!



the end of the year gathering.

i have amazing friends.  let me tell you.

i started this online school not knowing what i was in store for.  and now, two years later, i am so happy that i am a part of this awesome group of people.  not only is the school totally amazing, but the people in it are, too.  they're like-minded, christian people that are just incredible.  i love them so much.

so, the gathering was reeeeeeeally amazing.  not what i expected at all.  better, actually.  and when people ask me what my favorite part was, my response: nothing, because it was all amazing.

i love you all <3 <3 <3 <3

and i love you, veritas press.


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