Okay, so let me just say somethin' real quick.

I MAY NOT BLOG EVERY SINGLE DAY.  I will blog at least every other day.  so sorry.

Well now.

A couple links real quick.  Then I gotta run - it's Thanksgiving!  We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, we wish you a happy Thanksgiving, we wish you a happy Thanksgiving and a Black Friday day!!




A few quick places(not blogs!)  to check out real quick.


I will blog sometime this weekend.

Life has been hectic.



...life is taking over...

Life is taking over blogging.

I will blog tomorrow.

I hope.


It's Sunday!

That means I'm taking a break from blogging!

Happy Sunday!

Have a great one!



My "logo"(par say) is "I'm not short, I'm fun size".  It is so true.

I am not short.

I am fun size - the funnest size around.

And no way, Jose! am I offended by you guys calling me short.

I love being short.

You don't have to do as much work.  (i.e. reaching for glasses, etc.)

So anyway, my new friend from co-op, Katie, found me this shirt and decided to give it to me for an "early" birthday present!  LOL

here we are!

I'm wearing it today, too.  

I also looked found this and thought that all of my friends, (katie too:)) are like this.  

No offense, but they are the banana and I am the monkey.

It rocks.

Being short and all, I mean.

And now...

my 2nd favorite/wanted lens..................

200-400mm!  super duper zoom.

Yet, it is very very very very large.  and huge.  And Holy Cow WOW!

I like those groups of words.

Holy Cow WOW!

I say it a lot.

with that, have a great day.

p.s.  my dad is coming home from the hospital today!!  yay!


...Get a Mac...

Hello, I'm a Mac.  And - I'm a PC.

PC: Hey, Mac?  Did you hear the good news?  Windows 7 is out.  And it's not gonna have any of the problems my last operating system had.  Trust me!

Mac: I feel like I've heard this before, PC."


PC: Windows Vista's here, and it's not gonna have any of the problems Windows XP had.  It's not gonna have any of the problems Windows ME had.  It's not gonna have any of the problems Windows 98 had.  It's not gonna have any of the problems Windows 95 had.  It's not gonna have any of the problems Windows 2 had.  Trust me!  THIS TIME IT'S GONNA BE DIFFERENT.  Trust me.

get a mac



Well, I have not been writing...  sorry!

Life has been busy.

From school, to being sick, to everything else on Facebook.  You saw my life.

Well now... I have been editing pictures from birthday parties, and California.  So I have also been busy with that sorta thing.

Here are some Peanuts comics!

I love Charlie Brown.

And Linus.

And Sally.

Oh, and Lucy, too!

Also the parents.

It feels real.  Waaw waaw waaww waaaaww waw waw waw

you remember the noise, don't choo?

I thought so.

And now Shai Linne.

The christian rapper dude.

and aww.... my lens.  I've always wanted it.

But in Nikon.

But I can't afford it in my Christmas List.

The word afford stinks.  literally.


Logan got his pictures and there is this button picture of him.  see:


He looks like a bubble.

*Ick*Gross*Blech* literally.

"Otis, quit looking for lights.  you crazy dog"

sorry.  that was random.  It was what my mom just said.


Well now.  What do you have to say?

Go ahead.

Just say it.

I don't care.

I even have a *Will Blog for Comments* thing on my blog.  So go on.

check emma claire photography  while you're at it.

I'm changing the picture on top soon too.

trust me.




I just felt like saying that.

And now...

a few pictures from you...

oh, wait - for you.

the R.V.  looks fun, riiiight?


And now... some crazy pics for ya...

today.  thought I'd post a "live' one!

a while ago i guess.

I was so weird that day they didn't even want to participate.

I'm sure they're scared of me by now.

they better be.

again - logan was in the middle of this somewhere.


and I had to throw in a quick pic of The Fray.

They rock!

Open your iTunes and search 'em!

logan and my dad are coming home today!
emma claire


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