this week, i am going to finish up my friend posts, and then starting friday i am going to do my Tanzania stuff for about a week or so.

have a great memorial day!


{friend post of the week...3} galilee and jemima

(combining jemima and galilee in one post :D)

Whenever I am around Galilee, I know I am in for a HUGE laugh, and a LOT of fun!  She's always there to make you laugh.

She has a great personality and it's a blast to be around her :)

love you, Galilee!  you are also the bestest!



So Jemima is also great to be around!

She loves crafty things and is totally fashionable! 

I love the way she (and her sisters!) dress!

(ok so i don't have tons of pictures of you, jemima!  we need another photo shoot :D)

I enjoy talking w/ her about Project Runway :)

love you, Jemima!  you are yet again also... the bestest!



{friend post numbero 2} dorian

First things first: if you have not already met Dorian, you need to.

She will make you laugh when you're sad...

Laugh w/ you when you are happy...

And most of all just be there for you.

When we aren't totally busy, we normally talk on the phone at least once a week.  at LEAST.  

And also, if it's a rainy day w/ nothing to do... you call her up and have her come over to make cookies and just talk :)

I know that she loves: horses, friends, God, and her family... whatever else, too :D

She has a great personality, and is fun to be around :) 

She is just totally fun!!

love you, dorian!  you are also the bestest!


p.s. i am thinking about my 1-year "anniversary" post from Tanzania :)


{first friend post of week} hal

If you want to know Hal's personality, take a look at this picture...

She's funny, loud, sweet, special, and most of friend.

Last year, I took a trip to Tanzania w/ her.  That made our relationship even closer :)

I know that she loves: softball, her dog, God, friends, and theres a lot more :D

Recently, I started to call her Hal.  And I never went back.......

She is one of my bestest friends ever and I can't wait to see what our friendship will look like in the future!!!

love you, hal!  you are the bestest!!


next week...

next week (starting monday), i am going to do posts each day about the following friends... (if i forgot about you, please let me know :D)

(i will probably add more b/c i will remember that i forgot ;) )



This is the best duet on American Idol.  Ever.


Now... for those who wanted it...

Cherise and Isaiah.

having a photo shoot soon.  these are from photo booth... not from me :)))

cherise loves "bieber justin".  


p.s. this is my 401st post :)


This is What Happens When you get a Bunch of Boys together

Notice: Dodgeball is the reason I don't go to school.  
You get this.  Oh wait.  Haley isn't a boy!  Harharharhar!  So I should change the title to This is What Happens when you get a bunch of boys and a girl together.  

Anyways... I chose not to be a participator in dodgeball but for photographys sake... i decided to take my own action with the camera :)

Ah!  The ball is attacking me!  I just about died right out of that moment.  Vicious Hal.  Oops, I almost forgot that Hal actually reads my blog.  :S

Oh waiiiiiiiiiit.

Look at me!  I have 2 balls!

Oh yes, and men.  Men too.  

it's just crazy.  


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