The Reason God Gives you Brothers

(*Warning* True Fact, true fact)

I think God gives us brothers so we can smash them.

I actually like having brothers.

I mean,

I'd rather not have sisters.

I like when I beat them in a race or something, and they get all mad cuz I won and they didn't.

I like when I beat them in Super Smash brothers on the Wii and they're like "WHAT THE HECK?  I got more points anyway!"

I like when they cry cuz I smashed them, pinched them, and tortured them.

I just like it.

It's very entertaining.


If you live in Arizona and get the Arizona Republic newspaper, then you will know what I'm talking about now.

The only thing I read in the newspaper in the front and back parts of the Valley and State in the Az Republic.


(cereal means seriously sometimes)

So I read the "valley" news and the weather.

That's it.

Everything else is "OBAMA THIS!"  "OBAMA THAT!!"

Well, I guess the Valley and State is, too.

The column that I actually *dislike very much* is that Dude.

Clay Thompson or something like that.

He's always answering dumb questions like, "Some dude in a white van parked in a handicap parking space and he had government plates! I'm a veteren and there were no more handicap places for me.  La dee dee la dee dee!!"

And then the "Clay Thompson" always has these waaaaay too thinks-he's-a-real-comedian or something.

It gets on my nerves.

Do you agree if you read the Valley and State?

I'm sure you don't, cuz everyone nowadays is just reading like NEWS.COM!!!

(sorry to shout)

Ok.  Well.

I'd rather read a computer anyway.

don't tell my mom.


Our Poor Gingerbread Home

Yes.  It was a home.

With no door.

See what I mean.

Roof take 4.

Let's try a tooth pick.

And, it's off.

From a beer's point of view.

Roof take 5.


It collapsed!!


or not.

Off to Wal-Greens.

"Well, they were all out of stock last week!  sorry!"

Merry Christmas!!

Guess where I went!

SURPRISE after In-n-Out!!!!!

So awesome.

B. Reith rocked.

Toby Mac rocked, of course.

Relient K were great(they rocked) but the lead singer's mother had a heart attack so he was not there.  So it was missing parts.

Stephanie Smith was not my favorite.  Kinda screaming.  Very hardcore.

After the fact, I would go again,


Monday's random question:

What is your favorite Christmas song and who is it by??

Talyor Swift's whole christmas album and Relient K's whole Christmas album.

Go! Go! GO!!

p.s. don't forget you can pass my blog on.  actually, please do.


Nineteen and Skype 101

I don't know if you've been informed.

The Duggar's had their 19th.


And it was 1 pound 6 ounces.

Oh.  Wow.  Lanta.



My close friend, Alexandra, took this photo.

I was devastated.

I was not there to see the Duggars.  Even tho they were not there.

I was crying on Skype with her.

(not really)

I was actually screaming 'cause she gave me a picture.


And now it's time for Skype-songs with Emma.


figure it out yourself while I go take a nap.


The Funniest Part of Photography

We'll start with this photo.

Kate and natalie were told to kiss Hudson.


But.  Of course.  Natalie: "Nope, Mom.  I'm not gonna do it."


we got this

and we also got this:

which turned out okay.

But, I mean.

C'mon, Hudson!

Smile and look up!

People will love you!

And I loved this.

And this.

It's probably a little too whitey, tho.

But I like it.  In a way.

Back to this.

I wish I would have done some a little off-centered.

Oh, Lanta.  Yes.  Sometimes I look at these and go, "Oh, Lanta! These are so centered!"

Which is OKAY but I mean, HEY!!

Let's make it fun.


Now for a little more.

There is always this.

Now, tell me.

(First, I pray that he's not reading this)

But.  Doesn't he look like a pastor?

I mean.  Really?

It just works that way.

But, anyway.

And also check my photography blog.

I put some of Liam on there.

Okay, now.

Read more... shoots...

emma claire photography  <- click to view


Thinking about Africa while finding old pictures...

I remember getting off the plane (it was outside), and thinking "SNAP!  I haven't taken my Malaria pill in 12 hours and I think 12 mosquitoes bit me already!"  I was so tired I didn't care.  I barely remember when we got to Arusha.  We had juice.  Yummy juice.  I remember my times with Haley, and Mr. Everroad, and my dad.  THE SERIOUSLY BESTEST TIME WITH THEM.  everrrrrrrrrrrr.

I remember (and I'm sure everyone else does, too) taking-*cough*, sorry choking on my malaria pills.  I remember my new friends on the team, my new african friends.  I remember when we left Arusha for the last time to go home, the [very very very nice] ladies that worked in the hotel said, "Bye EMMA!!!  I hope we can see you again one day!!"  Touching.

Touching, smiling, laughing, spilling, loving, riding, coughing, choking, smiling, smiling, meeting, waving, talking, talking, talking, smiling, talking is all the things I felt.

Okay, seriously.  I have this longing inside me to go there again!  Gosh!

I seriously miss it!

and I miss Amani.  Our translator in church.

If I had the money, I think I would be there now.  And I would be doing something in Mairowa.  And then going on safari.

I am sooooooooo very very very very very very very happy I got to do this.  I am soooooooooooo very very very very very very very very very happy I got this time with Haley - something we will NEVER forget we did together, too!

I hope to return to Tanzania.  I felt free there.  I don't know what that means, though.

I felt like I could wear whatever, be whatever, and still be so so so so sooooo happy.

I was free.

Tanzania, Africa.
Emma, Bruce, Haley, Matt
June 4-14 2009

I shall never forget.


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