DIY: how to make a drawstring bag out of a t-shirt.

Today I'm going to tell you all how to make a drawstring bag out of a t-shirt.  I thought of the idea while making my halter tops, and so I decided to try it on my mom's Help Haiti shirt!

So, here's my t-shirt that I used.  I pulled out my scissors and cut part of the sleeves off so that it was straight with the sides of the shirt.

I then cut right beneath the neckline seam, just like you would if you were making a halter top. Then I cut right above the bottom seam.  Now you're going to take the bottom piece that you just cut and cut right above the seam all the way around, and put this piece aside.  This will be what you will use for your drawstring. 

I then took my shirt (turned inside out) to my machine, and stitched the sides straight down starting from the top, and going all the way to the bottom, on both sides. 

Then I stitched the bottom together and turned my bag back right-side-out again.

Now there's just one more thing to do before we're done!  

To make the drawstring casing, you're going to fold over the top edge from the front, wrong sides in, about an inch down, and pin it in place.  After you've done this, you can take it over to your machine and stitch around the top edging. 

Now, attach a safety pin to one end of the drawstring you saved earlier, and you're going to thread it thru the drawstring casing. 

And there you are!!  Your super easy drawstring bag made out of a t-shirt!!



miscellaneous ramblings.

Hello, my lovely readers!  So sorry about all the work going on over here.  My HTML had a glitch and I was forced to re-design my entire blog because I lost everything!  But, after some work, I'm back up and everything is good :) Thank you for your patience!


I decided yesterday that I needed to do something kind of crazy, so I drew a heart on my hand.  I know, so crazy.  But I was feeling weird like that.  I actually really like it.

Inspiration boards.  

So, today, I went through some old magazines and ripped out the things that caught my eye, and I realized that really pinning things is just as much fun as pinning virtually


So last night I got some inspiration from the lovely pinterest to make some bookmarks out of fabric and paper clips.  I just tied fabric around them in different ways and there you have it, some new bookmarks for this e-book reader that has to read textbooks :( 

Yummy Food.

I made homemade granola courtesy of Carlotta, and it is AMAZING.  There is something about homemade cereal in the mornings that just makes me happy.

And then... Nutella Rise Krispie Treats.  They are equally as amazing.  I mean, anything with Nutella is amazing. 

Project Runway.

Tomorrow is the premiere of my favorite show ever, Project Runway.  My friend Jemima and I are pretty much addicted to it, and after every episode we talk about what we liked, didn't like, and etc..  It really is so much fun and I've looked forward to it since the end of last season!!  So, watch Lifetime tomorrow at 9/8 central and then TELL ME YOUR THOUGHTS!!  I'm thinking about a little review every Friday :) 



{my blog is going through a huge re-design due to some issues that forced me to re-design!}

UPDATE::  Almost done!  Thank you for your patience, everyone!!



so, i graduated.  i graduated from eighth grade.  from junior high.  which means that i leave everything else behind.  pretty much my days of being young.  and with graduating from eighth grade brings a commitment to four years of the end of your education.  and that is kind of a scary thought.  but i'm excited to see what happens in these next four years, as i leave behind the last nine years of my education.

And for a graduation present, I got my second hole pierced in my ear.  It's been something I've been wanting to do for a very long time, and finally my mom surprised me :)

So, goodbye, eighth grade, sleeping in on school days, easy school work, and elementary school.  HELLO HIGH SCHOOL :)



halter tops and miscellaneous ramblings.

As I was browsing the Facebook yesterday (hint hint, inside joke), I came across a YouTube video on Making Halter tops.  After watching the video, I decided it was a good use of my time, and would be a very fun thing to do!  So, I did it.  It required hardly any supplies, time, and was super easy.  

I started out with my unsocialized home-schooler tee, which, is pretty amazing, but it needed a little.... umph.  So, I took out my scissors, pins, and youtube video and cut away.  It required only a little bit of sewing, and I was finished in less than fifteen minutes.  And today, I wore it.  It's absolutely wonderful.  It's cute, fun, and summery, but at the same time, it's still my old unsocialized home-schooler shirt!!  


I redesigned my blog today, and I think I got it to a place where I really really love it!!  I'd love to know your thoughts on it, as it still needs some fine tweaking.


Usually, when you think of photos taken from a mobile device, such as an iPod or a phone, you would think of the quality as low, the exposure drab, and well, just not so great.  But, with the help of some very lovely apps, you really can change your mobile photos!!!  I took these while in the mountains this past week, and I am in love with them!


So, go make some halter tops and download some fun editing apps on your iPod or iPhone!




love this kid.



i've been quiet lately.  i haven't felt like blogging.  why is that?  that is because i was up in the mountains enjoying cool weather, days of doing nothing, hanging out with great friends, and just fun.  

we drove the golf cart. 

we stared at trees.  like all day.

we laughed.  really really hard.

we "protected golf balls" for our brothers. 

we found some awesome dandelions. 

we played tennis.

we did the zip line.

we stared at more trees.

we painted our nails.

we took tons of pictures.

we ate up the cool weather.

we had a photo shoot. {sneak peek photo!!}

we drank soda out of bottles. 

we went go-karting.

it's a tradition.  we've been going since we were 4.

and we slept.

and then we went home.

it was great, though.



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