l o v e  t h i s  p o s t .  

And this quote from it : "Love is love, no matter the color." 

So true, all of it.  It really is no different....whether the sibling/child you have in your home shares your skin color or not.  Love is still love.  Family is still family.  And in the end, there are no questions.  There are no questions as to why God gave me three brothers with white skin and one with dark brown.  One of them is not more or less my brother because of it.  Because, really, it's all the same to me.  As this lovely woman said in that blog post, "Love is love, no matter the color".  I will love any sibling of mine whether he is black or white or brown or purple.  It's all the same to me.  

and then this one.

And this quote from it: "That’s not a question that Martin Luther King, Jr. would ask. It’s the content of your character that matters, not the color of your skin.”

Sooooo sweet.  His response is so sweet.  But in reality, those words are so true.  Someones skin color is not what makes up someone's character.  Having white skin doesn't imply anything about what I'm really like.  Having black skin doesn't imply anything about that person's character.  There should be no outside judgements.  A person should not be judged by the color of their skin.  A family should not be judged by the different colors of their skin.  Abilities should not be questioned.  Because in the end we are all one race.  Whether you are black, white, brown, green, it doesn't matter.  Because in the end, no matter how much melanin God chose to put in your skin.... we're all one race in God.  

Trey is going to be raised by white parents.  He is going to grow up and have white siblings.  And yes, we'll get weird looks about it.  Yes, people will disagree with it.  Yes, people are going to ask questions. But none of that is ever going to matter.  He will be loved.  As much as anyone else in my family with white skin.  He will be loved.  And that's all that matters.

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This is incredible, i love what you wrote and agree 100%. So lovely! He is beautiful! - Nakita

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