It was one of those moments.

You know, when you're annoyed and then you're like...

Ohhh wait.  This has to be the best moment ever and I don't ever want to forget it.

Yeah, that was me... an hour ago.

Mr. Sir over here needed to go to sleep.  I put him in bed.  He closed his eyes.  I left.  5 minutes later, he cried.  I went back.  I patted his back and then he closed his eyes again.  I left.  3 minutes later, he cried.  This time, I was sort of upset.  I was trying to eat.  I was hungry.  He wasn't helping.  I went back anyways.  This time, I patted his back again until he realized someone was there.  So, of course, he went from crying to smiling.

And then he about made my heart stop.

He lifted his head up and looked up at me with those giant beautiful brown eyes that I love.  And he looked right in my eyes for a moment.  And then he smiled his signature smile and I decided to stop rushing.  And I stood there and stared at him for another five minutes.  Because oh my goodness one day this moment is going to be over.  One day he'll be 2 feet taller than me and he'll have better hair than me.  And I'll have to remember how one day when he was 4 months old he was being rebellious and smiled at me instead of taking a nap.

And then I thought.....

Oh my goodness life is precious.  Adoption is completely wonderful.  What would our lives look like today if God didn't say yes.  I would have eaten my dinner in peace and that would have been it.  I wouldn't have been able to stare at his precious face.  Psalm 37:4.

(see what i mean?  those eyes)

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