baby boy

Today, I got to see an ultrasound picture of my Lord-willing baby brother.  It's not easy to see his little profile in that ultrasound picture - and I'm certainly not a pro at looking at it - but it was a really really happy moment.  Baby boy is healthy and big and ready any day :) I don't even care if this isn't our Trey anymore, because being with his birthmother every week has been truly amazing.  When I'm around her I feel like I'm so close to him yet so far away.

cautiously awaiting his arrival... anticipating every moment.  loving every second.  i am in love with adoption.



goodbye, goodbye, and goodbye

It's hard having some of your best friends six hours away.  It's hard when you can't see them every week like you used to.  It's even harder to say goodbye.

Sometimes it feels like its better if you don't even see them at all.  You won't have to say goodbye.  I spent the last two days with them, and had to say goodbye again.

For me, the hardest part isn't in the actual goodbye.  It's standing there, helpless, watching them drive away, not knowing when you'll see them again.

But what I do know is....... it was meant to be.  That they move.  And that is okay.  I don't care if they are there forever and ever.... I wouldn't change a thing.  It is meant to be this way, and that is okay.

I also know that it doesn't matter how completely horrible it is to say goodbye...... because saying hello is the best part.

Holding on.....

miss you guys more than anything <3



You're probably tired of it.  Me talking about adoption all the time.  I just have to say this.....

adoption is the best!!!!!!  it's hard and teaches you a lot but in the end it is the best.  the people that support you everyday, the people that give away their time and give away their money... oh my goodness.  never will i forget these few amazing months with my Lord-willing one-day baby brother's mother.  there are what-ifs and expectations and doubts and risks and possibilities... but sometimes it's better to soak up every moment instead of dwelling on the negative.

cautiously awaiting his arrival... anticipating every moment.  loving every second.  i am in love with adoption.



(a day late... sorry, the scheduling didn't work)

Dorian.  Talented, gorgeous, always laughing, beautiful smile, amazing friend.  Happy birthday to my lovely amazing hilarious Doriana.  I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you.  

And..... her new YouTube video... make her famous.



It's undeniable that He's been there every step of the way.  Even when I didn't think so.  Undeniable.


this blog

I've done a lot on this blog.  Blogged about absolute nothingness, went to life itself, published more meaningful content.  The truth is... it's tiring.  Keeping up with this blog.  I want to be able to post without feeling like it needs to touch your heart every time.

So, I'm taking my own advice and being myself.  Blogging about the loveliness of life and more photographs and the occasional heart-touching moment.  Need a change, that's for sure.

More pictures, less paragraphs.  More real life, less life lessons.  Just me.



on being yourself

There's not a lot I encourage more to people than being yourself.  I don't care where you're from, what you look like, how you do your hair... just be you.  Maybe you love school more than life itself.  That's cool with me.  Just be you.



awkward moments?  psh.  not here.

+watching your footage of you and your friends dancing to "call me maybe" and kind of singing along as the neighbor boys walk in the front door.

+singing justin bieber while playing black ops (likeaboss) with your brother, and all of a sudden he goes "uh, emma?  he can hear you."  lovely.

+tweeting justin bieber twenty times asking him to "notice you" and telling him how much you love him and you hope he has a good birthday and then losing 3 followers

+seeing an old man in bright pink tights and high heels at starbucks

+making eye contact with strangers from your car.

random quotes of the week :: 

+pistachio ice cream.  
"the green part is DISGUSTING.  It tastes like christmas"
"what does christmas taste like?"
"a christmas tree.  and chestnuts."

+brothers.  "how old were you when you were able to go to the bathroom on your own?"

+Hunger Games talk.  "I picture him as a scrawny skinny kid." "Oh, I picture him as a barbarian."

+"Emma, you remind me of that bird from the Flinstones."

+"I like carrots cuz they taste like nothing."

+"Dad, let's be honest, you're ugly and I'm hot."

a glance into my life.  


kony 2012

Spread the word.  Share it.  Inform the world.



Everyday I can't believe I'm going to get another brother.  Everyday, I push that thought out of my head.  Everyday.  I can't take it.  Thinking about it just makes it even worse.

Everyday, though, I see these boys.  Everyday, I remember, that one day it will happen.



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