I'm kind of an observer and I reread what people say over and over sometimes.

Or I'll replay what they said in my head over and over until I realize that I need to blog about it.

Because, quite frankly, I blog about things people have said to me a lot.  And I think that's because I observe more than people know or would think.  I usually wouldn't comment more than necessary about something someone said to me... even if it's something that I really love... it just gets replayed in my head without them knowing... unless, of course, they read my blog and find one of their quotes on a post ;) 

So... when people say things to me, they really have no idea how much thought is going into what I hear.  And when it starts to replay in my brain over and over, I know what that means.  A blog post.

So tonight, it was an email from one of my teachers in response to an email I sent to him telling him I would not be making it to class because of Trey's adoption finalization (more on that soon) coming up.  His response was very much like any teacher's response.  But at the end, he said, "Again congratulations on the adoption. I have had several friends and a cousin who adopted. They thank and praise the Lord everyday for the great blessing."

Now, I know exactly what you're thinking.  I'm ridiculous.  This is what a ton of people would say.  This isn't anything special.  But here's why I thought it deserved a blog post:

It is sooooooooo true.

(Ha.  Hahahaahhahahaahahahah.  <--- That's you, laughing at me, because of my lame reason for a blog post.  But in all seriousness, I am being honest)

That is so so soooo true.  The words kept echoing in my head.  "They thank and praise the Lord everyday for the great blessing."  Everyday.  And I have to say... it's quite true.

Referring back to this post... I find myself thinking over and over how blessed it is we are to have him.  As he laughed tonight at my brother... so blessed.  As I attempt to pat him back to sleep... so blessed.  The way he smiles at me every morning... so blessed.  How he puts his head on my shoulder when he's tired... so blessed.   As he giggles when I hold him by his legs and then lay him back down on the couch... so blessed.  Oh my goodness.  I am so blessed.  

And to think about him not being in my life???  To think about the Lord not giving him to me 4 months ago????  To think about how life would be without him... silent and with a lot less joy?  To think about the fact that there were so many other babies God could have given us, but he gave us Trey?  What?  It cannot be.  Soooooooo blessed.

So thank you, to my teacher, for reminding me of how truly blessed and thankful we should feel about Trey and adoption everyday.  

James 1:17. 

Emma  – (September 1, 2012 at 9:11 AM)  

(Awe, wow, that's amazing to hear a story like that. <---- That's me telling you that I liked reading this blog post and I always do, and that it's encouraging and a great reminder to hear how God works out everything the way it's supposed to be.) <3

Joanna  – (September 2, 2012 at 6:54 PM)  

I love your pictures! What camera do you use? where do you edit them? And like I've said before, I love reading a blog that is so full of adoption. Love it. Your brother is just precious!

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