We went to a nursery today!  Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, so I wasn't able to get pictures there! But when we got home, I definitely took pictures of the ones we bought :)  Here they are:



Logan's Birthday {And More}

Yesterday was Logan's birthday!  My Grandpa came last night and so we went to Zipps and then came home, ate some nasty cold Creme Brule, and opened presents.  Here are some photos:

Shaun White jacket!

(he got tons of Legos)

More Legos!


The night before, the delightful Hal took a lovely photo of me... from the back.  

And here's the beginning of a new flower!!  



I am going to be doing a seasonal header.  Meaning that I will do some seasonal headers with that season's pictures.  But it's not going to be like Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall... just whenever I see fit ;-)

Posting tomorrow.




My blog button is up and working!  Thanks to Carlotta!!

Feel free to grab it!


Another Day of Pictures

**Update::: Blog button is up... on your blog it would look good unless you have a 3-column like me.  I am getting that fixed tomorrow into a smaller size.  Feel free to start copying and posting!!**

A while ago, we went on a field trip with our co-op... and along came this lunch box:::::::
I loved it so much, that I took a picture of it... and gave it a little old look to it... but wow.  I want it.

For those of you who don't know... this is my backyard.  And my creepy, dreaming, dog.  

My brothers are in jail.

Not really.  But it sure looks like it in this picture.  Haha.

More tomorrow :)



Just a Few Pictures

I am doing a little photo/flower experiment... taking a photo of this flower bush ^^ in the same composition of the same flower everyday.  We will be able to see how fantabulous it is as it unfolds!

Honey crisp apples are back.  I eat them cut really thin.  

I made up an amazing salad the other day.

Here's the recipe ish:

I threw in some spinach salad stuff, some dried cranberries, gorgonzola cheese (blue and feta work, too), and roughly chopped up some almonds. 

Finished it off with some Cranberry, Walnut and Gorgonzola dressing.  Anything sort of fruity/cheesy dressing works. 

It was amazing!!


I made a custom domain name!

my blog link is now:

although it will take a few days to work.  It will redirect from my old link, too.

I am going to get a brand new button up hopefully in the coming month.  :)


The End

I did a little updating to my blog... I think I'm going to keep it this way for a while, now!  I want to thank Carlotta... you did an amazing job!!


We made brussel sprouts last night!  They were AH-mazing :)

AND!  I found a raisin in my CHOCOLATE CHIP cookie today.

I ate it.  It was hard. 

And it tasted funny.

That's all for now...


p.s. button getting fixed later this week :)



OK!  I am going to get my button fixed tomorrow... will let you know when it's nice and ready!

and I wanted to let you know... if you have already put my button on your blog, it probably does not work!   so make sure you get that one deleted ASAP and get the new one up:)



A Few Things...

1. Eli learned to write!!  It has been a while... and after asking about a million times how to spell this person's name and that person's name, he finally did it.


2. I inhaled an amazing lunch the other day.  Have I ever told you about how amazing Nutella and Peanut Butter is together?  If you haven't purchased Nutella before, I command you, to do so.
Amazing.  I'm not kidding you.

Especially on some of my mother's homemade bread (*wink wink*)

Oh yes... and remember this drink?
It is amazing with this, too.  To wash is all down.

4. Pitiful Baron!  We watched Baron this week and he went ahead and fell asleep on our couch... 
I think he looks completely pitiful...


5. Soccer has begun!  Sports season, here we come.  You'll be seeing some soccer pictures in the near future ;-)

Have a great weekend!




OK!  So, you see my blog button on the side of this page??  Well... it doesn't work.  But I don't want to delete it quite yet.  So please don't "grab my button"!  I am getting it fixed and it will be up whenever I have the time to do that!

Working with HTML stuff is really tricky and everything has to be juuuuuust right :)

Happy Weekend!



Love Day!

Today, because it's friday, because I love you, and because I want to share your blogs as much as I want you to you share mine.......

I am doing a new do-a-blog-post day... but today, the theme is Love Day!

To me, love is:



and this.  

So for this day, you must post at least 3 pictures of your idea of love onto your blog.  Then, after, I REPEAT: after you do your post, hop over here and add your blog URL to my linky! 

Have fun!  And don't forget to love!

**You will not be able to use this linky until Friday morning... giving you an extra day to do your thing :)**


The Grossest Thing I Have Ever Seen

Today... I would like to tell you something that I believe will change your life forever...

Ok... Do you have any idea what this is?

For realz now...

*Hint!!!!!!!!!!!* It is NOT ice cream!

Think about it... the answer is flipped around at the bottom of this post... 

But in the end... this is seriously THEE worst, most disgusting thing EVER!!!!!!!!

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuәʞɔ!Ⴁɔ spႨɐuopɔɯ s! s!Ⴁʇ



For those of you who do not know what Arizona weather is like, the photo below is not a common scene here in Arizona...

This is one of the very interesting weather we had last week...

It hailed the size of golf balls... (pic coming later)

Thennnn... after I celebrated my dear friend, Jemima's birthday with a big, fat SURPRISE PARTAY!!!! I went to my brothers soccer game.
BUT!!  before I tell you more about that, here is a recap of my beloved Jemima's surprise :)
Here we are... we look ridiculous but that's ok:)
ANYWAY!  Mrs. Gregg had planned it like this...
Jemima would go upstairs and do HW... Galilee would do the same thing and distract her.  And we would quietly come in and sit in their bedroom (down stairs) and wait.

All of a sudden, we hear Galilee yell, "MOM!!!!!!! JEMIMA'S COMING DOWN! JEMIMA'S COMING DOWN!!!" and we all are freaking out.  Mrs. Gregg runs around yelling "SURPRISE! SURPRISE!!!!" and we all burst out of Jemima's room and RUN! to her... she looks at us with a very embarrassed look and says, "Hi??".  
It was so much fun.  We had dinner.  Chatted.  Did hair.  Did nails.  Chatted some more.  Played "Project Runway" and let the parents watch our version of Fashion Week ;)  It was the real deal, people. I was Tim Gunn/Heidi Klum, Jemima and everyone else were the models, and 4 other people were judges.  It was such a blast!!  We finished that up, watched a movie (Letters to Juliet), made our beds, and chatted until 2:30am.

It was a blast.

Love you, Jemima.

And... for those of you that do not know Jemima and Galilee, here they are with Mr. Zay Zay :)


I remember...

I remember...

the first day.  

You came to our house... quietly.  
You were strangers then.

I remember...

We went to Target to buy you clothes.  And you loved every minute.

I remember this day.

And I remember this day.

I remember your laugh.

I remember how you would always say "Watch this, watch this!"

I love you, Isaiah.

I know that all of our dear friends loved you.

I know that we enjoyed every moment... even when it was hard.

I remember when saih saih would say "mow hawk!  mow hawk emma!"

I remember this night.

And this night.

I remember your smiles.

And the way you picked your nose.

I love this photo.

I remember the days of Beaver Justin filling our home.

Now, when we hear "Baby, baby baby ooooooh..." I think of you.

All you pretty much did while you were hear was listen to music.

Everything.  But JB was your personal favorite.

You are a fantastic singer, Cherise.


while talking to Isaiah he said "I love you, hemma!"

We are happy for them and the fact that they have a family to live with longterm... but it is still sad for us... knowing that we may never see them again.

Getting a video up sooner or later...

Love you, Cherise and Isaiah.  Forever and Ever.


s e a r c h

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