selfies and my middle name

Self portraits.  Oh my.  I just love them.


And, Carlotta is having a fabulous photo challenge... and I shall enter the following photo:

I love the lighting, the vintage look of it, and the way I look so... normal.  Simple.  i love it.

Oh.  My middle name.  I love it.  And, when I got a card today that had my name on it in beautiful cursive letters, I had to photograph it... with the books, of course ;)

So, feel free to head over to Carlotta's blog and enter her photo challenge, or even just look at everyone's entries!


a brotherly kinship. a comparing and contrasting post.

Yes.  I used a thesaurus to find the word "kinship".  I love thesauruses. 

But anywho.  Today.  My friends.  Today, we contrast and compare Liam and Otis.  And we contrast these things, only because I just spent nearly 1000 words contrasting courage and foolhardiness.  But that's another post.
Liam.  The photogenic one.  The "just look at me Liam.  "DON'T MOVETHELIGHTINGSPERFECT" one.  You know... normal?

Yeah.  Then there's this..........  creature.
Otis.  The one that follows me around when I have my camera because he "sees the lights".  The one that turns his head from side to side when you say, "WALK?  PARK?  WANNA GO TO THE PARK?".  Althouuuuugh... he's never been to a park.  Hah.

 But then... Liam's there.  Again.
Liam.  The one that isn't obsessed with lights.  The one that doesn't follow me around.  Yeah.  That one.

But then there's Otis.  I decided yesterday that his name needs to be Sir Charles.  Yes.  Sir Charles.  Or Geoff with a G.  

But really... I have to live with them both.

Otis.  (A rarity: he looked at me while I was holding the camera)

Help me, Sir Charles.  I need some cake.

I love sugar,


miscellaneous chatter

today, like all days, the sun was shining.

my kindle posed for a photo or two.  

oh my... i LOVE my kindle.  it is so much fun!

etsy loves: i got a cute camera necklace!  I got another one for my birthday, but unfortunately, this one I had already ordered.  but, now they are both fun to have... and different!!

yesterday, i worked on and finished my essay for omnibus secondary, and began my module 4 test for biology.  ick.  but, at least it is open book.

and today, i will finish my test, turn it in, and begin my weekend.

tomorrow, i plan on finishing leftover homework, and... doing whatever I do.

hello, weekend.



I love thrifting.  Savers, Good Will, whatever it might be.  It's so much fun.  You never know what you might find.

I found this octagon mirror while thrifting:

Handmade things are fun, too.
I made Valentines instead of buying them.

I made this.

I found this at Anthropology.  Anthropology, which is so expensive, I found this for $10!!  Super cute, and adds to a plain tee!

 Borders had a giant Going Out of Business sale EVERYTHING HAD TO GO and I got a pencil case and a little case that my iPod fits in.  Super fun.  Pretty cheap.



My day yesterday was fabulous.  Here's a recap.
La Grande Orange in the evening.

A yummy cesar salad.

That was quickly gone.

The best pizza in the world.

Avocado pizza.  Oh goodness...

And gladiator.  

They have a pizzeria and a cute grocery:

Sporting my red TOMS!!

I then went home and ate my peanut butter cookie from tammie coe cakes :)

On my piano, is my loot :P  

And my super cute Anthropology find for $10!!!

My cute key change that looks like it takes pictures!!

I got giant cards.

A Kindle.

And you get a picture of me... now 14.



today, i am fourteen.
make avatar
Make avatar

fourteen candles. 

a salad.

angel food cake.

and today, crepes, walking around kierland and La Grande Orange.  

and then opening presents.  

thank you, everyone, who made my year of being 13 amazing.  i hope to have as fantabulous a year as i did last year.

love you all!!!!!!!

-emma claire.


Bring Elijah home!!!!  (click the picture for details)
and isn't it fun that this little dude is gonna have the same name as our Eli???  fun!!!!


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