Never before-seen Pictures

I found some old pictures and edited them last night.  I really like how they turned out!!

Later today I am going to post my favorite photos of 2010.  



More Sad News

I am about to tell you some more sad news.

My blog is NOT going to be unveiling on January 1st.  So sorry!!  There are 2 conflicts.

1.) It is not done at all.  I have been waaay too busy!
2.) I am skiing on new years, so I won't be here for the excitement!!

But I would like to tell you that I am getting it done soon... I am not giving you a specific date so you aren't disappointed ;)

Anyway... See you in about a week!  Skiing in a few days.

Have a happy new year!!!



Some Really Depressing Thoughts

...About the fact that Christmas is over.  Sigh.

This is my dashboard.  I use it for a lot of stuff.  But for one, the Christmas count down has all 0s.  No hours.  No seconds.  No months.  I also owe my mother $7 in iTunes.  Oh snap.  

No more Christmas cards.  Sigh.

No more red bows, or presents, or anything like that.

No more peppermint ice cream.  Which is like the end of the world to me.  I should stock up my freezer....

No more Christmas lights.

No more gingerbread houses.

No more parties like these with fun, other weird home-schooling kids.

No lighting fireworks at 11pm because when it's not break, you have to go to bed at a timely manner.   :(

But hey!  Look on the bright side... I still have 1 more week of break (and some skiing) until it is really over.

Wasn't this such a depressing post?  



Things I am Remembering this CHRISTmas eve.

I don't have much time today to post...but I wanted to say a little something ;)

I still remember Cherise. And I really hope that she is having an amazing CHRISTmas.

Isaiah.  His little thumb is painted blue.  Oh... I miss them so much.

Africa.  I was looking at some pictures from Africa last night and I found this.  

It was 24 days until CHRISTmas just a few weeks ago.  But now it's only 1.  This December has flown by so fast.

Most of all... this is the thing I'm missing the most.  

Merry CHRISTmas eve, everyone!  Hope it is awesome :)



A Quick Post

The other night, we went Christmas light looking :)
But first, we had to have PW's Chicken Dumplings.

*Disclaimer: We have really bad Christmas lights in AZ.  Everyone is either 1.) rich or 2.) lazy.  Or all of the above*

Then we came back and had peppermint ice cream.  My favorite :)

Just 4 days!!!!!!!  What's on your CHRISTmas list?



Goodbye, Cactus

My dad got our truck and pulled this thing out last night:

Of course, I had my camera and even shot some videos :)

Since our truck is diesel, every time he would hit the gas a huge cloud of black smoke came out. 

And then this happened:

Here it is at the of the yard.  With a sprinkler pipe.  My mom and I were SO happy. 

It's still sitting here at the end of the yard.  

Goodbye cactus.  Nope, you won't be missed.  Sorry.  Have fun in the trash!



Things I am LOVING

These TOMS.  Oh my... 

This bag from Jototes.

This necklace from Etsy.  Unfortunately, it is sold :(

This bag from Etsy as well :)

I am IN LOVE with Charming Charlie.  I got a couple some CHRISTmas shopping done there :)

This is something on my CHRISTmas list, too :)

I found this when I logged on to Flickr this morning.  

I am loving Study Blue right now.  

Etsy, too :)

What are some things that you are loving?



My Favorite Photo Ever

There's not many pictures I would say are my absolute favorites.  Maybe one here and there... the beach, my family, memories.  But there are not too many that I would go to.  But sometimes, you click that shutter and you have a perfect capture.  I feel that way about this one:

textured flowers

I *LOVE* it.  The bokeh, the color, how the flowers are looking right at me.  When I photograph flowers, I like to get inside the flowers.  I think it makes it so much more interesting.


Miscellaneous Break Stuff

Since I am officially on break... I am celebrating with some fun miscellaneous things...

Yoshi needed a blog post.

I got a flash!!!!!

I got it as a gift from a friend... but wow... it is SO awesome!!!

I am going to have to play around with it ;)

It is officially CHRISTmas break!!  I finished my ballad this afternoon and thought of this picture... I was so happy to get that thing turned in and behind me.  

I love the looks I got in this.  Liam is about to yell at me.  Eli is giving me one of those old people dirty looks @ Trader Joes pretty much saying, "Why do you bring your kids into the store with you??"
It's been raining ALL DAY.  I am so happy. 

And it's snowing in Sunrise.  Which means we get to ski this year!!

I have to post this picture of my gorgeous friend Gabby :)

You know it's break when there are a TON of people online :P

9 days until CHRISTmas!!



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