Hey guys!

I will be on vacation until august 6.

have a great week!



We have been really busy... I have totally forgotten about blogging!!

I snapped this photo of Isaiah as he was playing.

Here is the grape the looks like a pumpkin.

*sigh* it's amazing.

And here is my awesome t-shirt i got at the homeschool convention!!!  

The homeschool convention was awesome.  Half of the kids there look like they are "normal" and the other half, well, let's just say that they are definitely "homeschooled". Like definitely. 

And then there's me.  And I don't even know what I look like.  I'm a homeschooler, we never look in the mirror ;-)


Homemade Gum

The younger two (Cherise and Eli) made some homemade gum for the first time yesterday.  (thanks, cate!)


Muffins That Taste Like Doughnuts

These. Are. Amazing.

Muffins That Taste Like Doughnuts


My Interesting Breakfast

This is my breakfast this morning.

3 pieces of already-cooked-microwavable bacon with syrup and green juice.  I always dip my bacon in syrup.  I know, that is strange.

Another weird thing: I always drink the green machine juice stuff with every breakfast I eat.


"Fresh" Basil

So I found this basil in the trash this morning.  I loved how it said "fresh" basil... as it is sitting in the trash not so "fresh".  


My Life... at the moment

So life has been crazy with wild children on the computers and everything else.  


This is every moment of my day... pretty much.

I am reading the Nine Tailors for Omnibus II... 

I've only read this much (SHHH!!)

I figured out yesterday that I am supposed to be drinking 3 of these... or 64 oz.  

And my schedule is packed w/ bbsitting :)


A Little Laugh

This made me laugh out loud.


27 Pairs of Shoes

With 8 kids in this cabin, we need a place to keep the shoes...


Pinetop 2010

Oh wow.....

Pinetop 2010 was amazing!!!!  I still wish I was there!

So here are pretty much all of the photos i took.  Visit my photography blog to see my photography images :)

Here's all of us on the first night there :)

The next day, it rained and hailed!!  It was a blast.

The open area of the patio...

I love this sot cuz it shows Sam's personality and I love his shirt!

This is what it looked like after (and while) it was hailing.  Snow in the Summer!!!

Nice fakey,  Sam!

A few days later, we were out on the golf course again having fun!

Then came the fourth.  FIrst was the parade...

Then the carnival!

Then we came home and had dinner on the golf course.

Taylor, me, Hal, Ashley, Abi

<3 you hal!!!!

We ate...

...and fought off the boys.

and laughed.  and all that other girl stuff :)

Then a few days later I got some shots of Eli and my mom :)

<3 this one

Here is the cabin!!

Oh and...... Oops!  how did this get in here???

Here are all 27 pairs of shoes.  These are just the kids' btw.

So there's our trip!  It went by waaay too fast and I miss it sooo much.  

A few awesome memories:

Abi and I driving the golf course around the circle.  We got pulled over once by security so after that happened we were driving it very carefully making sure we didn't see them.  And when we did, we would stop the car (where ever we were), grab the key and run as fast as we could to the cabin.  It was HILARIOUS.  Ahhh good times :)

One day we were making smore's on the BBQ and we couldn't turn the BBQ on so Abi called her dad and she did it.  Then we decided that we weren't hungry so we turned everything off and went to play on the golf course.  Then when we were ready we came back up and Abi tried to turn on the BBQ.  She kept pressing the button over and over and then BAM!!!!!!!!  the BBQ exploded into flames.  Then it went back down and we made them in the microwave.  The tips of Abi's eyelashes and eyebrows and hair were burnt. 

(i will add more to this section when i think of more)

Dont forget to check my photography blog!!!!


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