My Grandma
by Emma Thompson
An artist, a friend, a mother, a great person - my Grandma.  On August 22nd 2009, she went home to Jesus after battling unexpected complications after surgery.  She also battled Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for 27+ years.  She was my only Grandma that lived close by, so whenever I wanted, I could come over.  She loved being a wife, mother, and grandmother.
(5) My Grandma had brown hair, and the best look on her face, even in pain.  When she smiled, I felt like smiling.  When my parents came home from the hospital to tell my brothers, cousins and I she had passed away, my dad added that we should go out and swim - have a great time because that was what she would have wanted.  Instead of having a “funeral” we had a celebration of life, to remember her by.  That look on her 
(6)  face, we all remembered.  Even in the pain.  
She painted the most beautiful paintings.  Although she had MS, and was often shaky, she made those paintings look grand, shaky or not.  She enjoyed antique collecting, gardening, decorating, and sun-tanning on the beach.  She was the only person I knew that could decorate her house for Christmas so wonderfullyWhile also cherishing her jewish heritage, I remember her by the Jewish Star of David necklace she always wore.  Those beautiful paintings are also a great way to remember her by.
My relationship with my Grandma was very close.  Once a month, we would get together and have tea.  It was what I looked forward to every month.  I raised money for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and walked in the MS walk with her, who most likely rode in a wheelchair, for the past three years, and will continue to do so in her honor.  Likely, I never thought she would die so soon.  I never thought God would take her so soon, as if I was in control.  My close relationship with her held on to the end.  
With these things in mind, we trusted God in bringing her home.  My Grandma was a great person.  The last time I saw her was a few days before surgery, and she acted normal, and I hugged her.  I thought she would recover.  I thought she would still be living now.  God had another plan, and we have to trust Him.  She finished well and today is living not by faith, but by sight.

Thinking about my Grandma.


This blog is something coming from my heart.

That paper was something coming from my heart.

This blog is something about my life.

This paper was something with my life with her.

This blog was something that's been great from the start.

And I'm telling you now

I may not post every day

but I'm still here.

and it's coming from my heart.


I've been awarded...

I've been awarded by The Abram Family (Heather) the Honest Scrap Award!  So I am supposed to share ten random, honest things about me!

So here goes!!!!

um..... um.... uh... oh... uh... um....

·I met Jinger Duggar

·I am the only one in my family that can fix computers, tv's, phones, anything electronic

·I'm growing my hair long

·I can make really delicious noodle concoctions.

·I like to cook with cheese

·I could write like 10 facebook updates in like 5 minutes about what I really am doing

·My brother threw a rock at my finger, so now I have a scar to live with :(

·I've seen every animal at the zoo, but they were all wild.

·I have a lot of hobbies (i.e. photography, making bracelets, sewing (I'm not very good), swimming, photography, photography, ya you get it)

·I want a macbook pro but my dad won't buy me one ;)

ok!  Now I have to pass it on to 5 other people!

So here I go...

Mrs. Taylor
My Mother (this is a challenge to see if she will actually blog this)
I don't know who else.  If you are one of them, tell me and I'll add you on this list.


Change the World

(sorry I had the wrong link)  Change the World 

I will post more later.


Skiing in One-Word Sentences




Big Hill.







This is what you get when you don't go skiing everyday that you are in a snowy Wonderland!!

You decide to sit in a crate and eventually make a fort out of it!

And then you get found out and someone "OF COURSE" takes your picture.

So I was forced to put it here.


We had fun playing seriously (ask everyone) like 20 games of Liar, Spoons, and Go Fish per-day when we weren't skiing or sledding.

But it was real fun!

I have too much school work.

Especially in math:

So much that I have to click command+shift+4 and then drag around this (above) and look at it.

Technology these days.



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