Okay, this was WAY COOL. We got to pet turtles! So awesome. They would swim right up and eat the algi and stuff that grew on the rocks. It was really cool!

That's it for pics! I had a great time!! I would totally recommend Oahu(Halewa), Hawaii!!



We went to a luau. It was really fun! We got leis! It was really fun!!


Surfing and Shave Ice

Logan and my dad took a surfing lesson and then this nice guy asked my dad if Liam wanted to ride a couple of waves w/ him on his surf board. He went(see the 3rd pic down) andhad a great time. Even the guy was smiling the whole time! SHave ice was our every other day treat. It was great! I love it!

they're both smiling!!
I would hold eli's hands and we would jump over the waves. It was fun
Hey? if you don't have a surf board, use a boogie board!!



This was the beach where I got handfuls of sand in my swim suit(laugh), and sand in my hair.


Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor was really cool. It was fun, too! You should have seen how many names were on that memorial wall. Hundreds, maybe thousands. It was amazing.

the memorial



Obviously, we got home safely. After the red eye flight w/ 4 Eli slept, I slept about 3 hours and my parents slept 3 hr. too. It was an awesome island(Oahu). Hopefully, if my mom blogs about this trip(for once) she will give better details, hopefully. Anyway, this was an awesome, fun, and exciting time. We rented a house right on the beach and did a lot of fun stuff. Mostly on the beach 24/7. We met a family with 4 kids that almost exactly the same ages at us. It was too bad that it was on the last day! Well, here's the pics...(some, I can't fit them all, we took 294 pics!)

every single swim suit we get him fall off his hips. It's hilarious!!!



Well, we should be on the plane right now. Look at the time! 6 a.m.! I woke up at 3:30 a.m. because my grandpa(see him in the comments) was so nice to take us at 4 am. So, thank you Grandpa. Wow, this scheduling thing is really nice. It's 12:40 now. Please pray that we have a safe(and fun) trip on the plane and on the ocean. Wait for pics later!


What do you say about this weather? I say it's GLORIOUS!! Doors open, bike riding, and OH! the breeze! Just wonderful!! 2 days till hawaii!


Awaiting the days of Hawaii

6 days till Hawaii!! Had a scare last night. 9 ish at night last night we were all in our beds reading, and BOOM!! a gunshot. We all ran out of bed and my dad told us to stay in our room. My mom called the police and right before that, we heard coyotes. We thought maybe someone was shooting them(which is illegal, DUH) and a few minutes later the police came and shone lights in every one's yard. Then we all went to bed after all that commotion. Then this morning while we were doing school, Nic and Sam knocked on the door(they're on fall break) and asked if Logan could play. No, we were doing school. Then my mom asked "did you hear the gunshot last night?" and they're like, "Well, ya it was us, we got a firecracker from Mexico." and they didn't know it was going to be that loud. Who wouldn't think a firecracker would be loud?? Anyway, that was crazy. I there anything in school that you really hate(ed)? I have 1 thing... This thing on the history of Government. It is really a bad school book. My mom and I gave up(thankfully, because otherwise I would have screamed) Have a great day!!!!!!!!!


Maddie's blog

Maddie made a blog! www.maddiemr.blogspot.com Check it out!


13 days till Hawaii!!

The closer I get,(to Hawaii) the more excited I get. A house on the beach!!! THE BEACH is what I'm excited about. We're going to Pearl Harbor too!! That will be fun and interesting(according to my mom). I can't fall asleep very well. 2 problems: the 6:30 AM little kid and the second is the 10:30 PM talkative people in the room right next to mine!!!!! BUT there's a good way to drain out the sound. The old, loud(that's a good thing) air conditioning comes and helps me sleep til at least(come on) 7:30. Is that possible?? Well, gotta go find out why Eli is screaming.(that's never good)


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