I watched one of my favorite films on adoption the other night.  Like Dandelion Dust.  This was my second time seeing it, and it's still my favorite.  There was, however, a quote that hit me.  

"He has two mothers, one that loved him so much that she couldn't let him go, and one that loved him so much that she had to." 

And I thought about it.  

Trey has two mothers.  One loved him so much that she chose to give him up.  She was selfless.  Brave.  She sacrificed her own son.  For us.  Because she couldn't do it.  And she loved him so much that she chose adoption and she chose life and she chose us.  Because she loved him that much.  And then he has another mother.  One that loves him so much that she won't let him go.  One that will raise him.  One that he will call 'mom' and one that will love him so much.  But just like his first mom... his second mom loves him as much as her.  But his first mother made the ultimate sacrifice.  She gave him to us.  She chose this life for him, because that was what she always wanted for his future, but couldn't give.  She loved him that much.  If that doesn't say something to you about how selfless every birthmother across the world is, I don't know what will.  So next time you watch someone adopt, don't think about how he was unwanted by his first mom.  Because that's not the case.  This is how much she loves her child.  That she gives them up for a better life.  She choses that.  Now that, my friends, is the ultimate sacrifice. 

(If you're in need of a good film to see, check out Like Dandelion Dust.  Really good.  Really really really well done.  Might make you cry.  Really special)

Emma  – (August 6, 2012 at 8:39 PM)  

I love this, which is basically true about everything I read on here. :) I have watched Like Dandelion Dust, and it made me cry. It kind of completely broke my heart at the end. <3

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