august swoons.

with august coming to a close tomorrow, i have a few things i am swooning over.

Fashion blogs. I started a fashion blog folder on my bookmarks bar, and I've added a lot of blogs that I'll look at for inspiration.

Vintage dresses.  Oh my, I wish I had $5,00 so I could go out and buy every single vintage dress out there.  Just too amazing.

Hipster glasses.  (wait... did she really just say that?) I love.  I need I want.  These are just too amazing.

Vintage hair bows.  I saw this photo (below) on pinterest recently and knew i needed to get my hands on one of them.  And, after looking around a vintage store, i came across them.  Yes.  I am so excited to get one.  {click here to go to the store}

Film cameras.  I've been swooning over these for a while now, but I just love the outcome of the photograph that comes from a Diana camera.

Chevron design. Goodness, I love chevron right now.  It all started when I saw pink chevron stripes on kate spade's tumblr, and kiiinda freaked out.  

What are you swooning over this month?


{all photos on this post are not mine--via pinterest}



Summer is gone.  The hot, sunny, wet days of summer are gone.  Sure, it's still unbearably hot, but the sweet feeling of nothing to do when you wake up in the morning is gone.  The sleeping in, staying in pajamas until the late hours of the morning -- gone.  In some ways it seems very depressing to be saying goodbye to all of this, but in others, it seems very spectacular.  I am very excited for school to start, and finally have some sort of a schedule again.  It will also be a very exciting year for me, as I am entering my first year of high school.

But I am ready.  Ready to say goodbye to the relaxation of summer days, and ready to say hello to schedules.  Goodbye, boredom, hello, homework.  And I know for a fact that by mid-December I'll be ready to throw homework out the window, but today, this is sounding very good to me.  

Fall also sounds fantastic.  The lovely, sweet smells and colors of fall sounds awesome right now.  Chilly weather and jeans sound perfect for this winter-loving girl.  I am about done with this 115+ weather.  Cardigans, baking, jeans, pumpkin candles, cinnamon, cold weather  -- all wonderful things about Fall.  Fall also leads up to the holiday season (although I very much hate when people say holidays instead of Christmas).  Thanksgiving, Christmas, my birthday - all very lovely holidays that put me in my happiest place. 

Eat up these lovely moments, because before we know it, school will be upon us, we'll be stressed, and summer will be behind us in what seems like moments.




i've done it before and i'll do it again.... a few of my favorite shots of faces i love....


sometimes photos tell a story for themselves

[moral of the story: a bunch of shirtless boys, together for a birthday party = happy action shots for me]



surrounded.  by boys.  it's all i've ever known.  loud.  obnoxious.  disgusting.  weird.  crazy.  but still, i'd never change a thing.  i'm out-numbered, and i like it that way.


music i love at the moment.

i love music.  just want you to know that.  like, i can't write papers without music.  i can't read blogs without music.  i can't do most things without music.  so, today, i'm going to tell you all my favorite music at the moment.  because i don't have a favorite song, it's always a favorite song at the moment.  

I just recently found Jayme Dee on YouTube and ohmygoodgollygeez.  SHE IS AMAZING!  I can't stop listening to her voice.  I really think all her Katy Perry covers are better than the original.

My mom was the one that actually made me really like this song :P But it's totally amazing.

With You has been something my brother and I have loved forEVER.  Seriously.  But I just got it again and it's amazing.

Okay so if you know me at all, you have to know that I love love love love LOOOVE Colbie Caillat.  She's beachy, awesome, and I love her lots.  

Owl City.  I mean, duh.  Owl city is ahhhhmazing, and I really really really want to see him in concert (hint hint cough mother cough cough wink surprise ahem)

and of course Justin Bieber.  I mean, am I right?  This song is actually really cool.  And honestly, I am pretty excited for his new album in November!!  fun fact: I follow the biebs on instagram.  yup.

Aaaand of course the lovely Beyonce <3

What have you been listening to lately?


weekly roundup.

weekly roundup... a bit late :)

calivintage // pinterest // calivintage // streetpeeper // pinterest // unknown



happy birthday to my only always-willing photography model, blondest kid i know, best eyes, brother :)

<3 <3


make your school notebooks schnazzy.

(first of all, i'd just like to say that i feel like my wonderful friend taylor saying schnazzy :P)

Anyways, today is officially the end of summer, because i'm starting geometry!  woohoo!  who's excited?  i know i am!


no really, i am.  Anyways, i was looking at my boring old notebook and decided it needed some jazzing up, so i dug through my mom's retro/vintage wrapping paper and cut away!

I just cut paper into strips and glued it on randomly.  And I ended up with this:

I also cut letters from magazine covers and glues them onto the front.

go shcnazzy up your notebooks!!!!!  



fall wish list.

1 :: oxfords.  i think they are super cute and look great with almost every outfit.
2 :: diana camera.  i love this and have wanted it for so so long.  too expensive :/
3 :: a white blouse + colorful jeans.  either red, pink or purple.
5 :: this backpack is amazing.  best one i've ever seen.
6 :: a hard, vintage suitcase w/ wheels.  i found a red one while thrifting recently, but i decided that it'd be better off with wheels, so my hunt continues.... 

what is on your fall wish list?




yes, i am home-schooled.  yes, you can judge me.  yes, you can call me a freak.  yes, i might act completely opposite from a public schooler, but i'll tell you this:  i would never change a thing. 

i've been home-schooled since second grade, and i've loved it ever since.  sure, i've got some weird looks, some "ohhh. *walks away slowly*" and a lot more, but i don't care.  because if i wasn't home-schooled, i wouldn't have gotten to meet the wonderful people i know today.  and if i wasn't home-schooled, i wouldn't have gotten more time to pursue what i love.

sure, home-schooling isn't for everyone, but i know for sure that it's for me.

"I'm home-schooled" can go either way.  "ohhhh *walks away slowly* you're one of THOOOOSE." or they think it's like the best thing ever and want to be your BFF right away.  either way, i don't care.  if you don't want to be my friend because i'm home-schooled, then that's fine by me.  i like being home-schooled whether you want to be my friend or not.

funny things people ask me about being homeschooled::
-"Oh, so this is a great chance for you guys to get some socialization!  You know, that's when you get together and hang out with other kids your age." 
-"LUCKY!!!  I wish I was home-schooled!!  Then I could sleep in every day and play video games alll day!!" 

i'd never change a thing. 



the lake.

we went to a lake on saturday for the first time ever, and had a really great time!!

The boys enjoyed collecting shells.



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