The Cutest Thing. Ever.

I think I have found the cutest thing.  Ever.

It's the best thing I've ever gotten in the mail.

Thanks, Natalie.  


A Story Through Many Pictures

This post is going to be filled with un-seen pictures.  Well, un-seen by me.  

**All pictures i am posting are of great friends and great times b/c you don't have to be famous to have way too much fun.  Fun as in with photography and with friends, jokes and everything else you can think of that involves fun.  So have FUN looking at these :)  it's a story through pictures :)

Hudson :) 

*we miss the klassens!!*

haley is a great friend!  and i am the only person who can (and does) call her Hal.  <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Ben... the bestest buddy to eli.  like super duper close.  like super duper bestest buddy.

*the griffiths.  miss them too.  <3<3<3<3*

theres just too much fun in this picture.  just way too much.  

the nevins :)))))  great people.  great story.  great future.  Fuel the Mission

oops.  How did that get here?  Well anyway... Baron is the bestest buddy of Otis.  Like super duper close.  Like super duper bestest body of Otis.  Bearsie-wearsies and otey-botey.  haha.

Oh.  And of course Reagen.  You can read about Oh, to be Reagen in my other post.  But yes.  Reagen.  I guess you could say that the whole Roberts clan is our super-duper, bestest buddies.  Like super---.  I already said that.  

(**If I did not post your picture, let me know** :P )

hope you enjoyed this!!!!!!


Happy birthday eli.

 hes 5!!  Here are some pictures of his whole... yes, life.

Horrible picture, but oh, so cute.

oh my...

2nd birthday!

no, thats not what you are thinking of on his thumb.  its clay.  :P

older ;(

3rd birthday!

i think i did a post about this somewhere...


and now... weird. and 5.

Yes, I was hoping for a sister when my mom was finding out if it was a girl or a boy.  and we went and i remember when the doctor wrote on the little screen... "its a boy" and i about fainted.  Another Boy??  Oh my...  But still... after he was born, it went so fast!!  But then, as you see on the pictures, he got addicted to his pacifier and from there, he moved on.  i remember the day he said, "i don't want to use my 'das' tonight"  So he went from there.  Now he is a brother-copier, screamer, stinker, weirdo, Kevin, Joe, or Nick, friend, 5-year-old that plays with his brothers toys, and of course, he is annoying at *sneeze*many *cough*cough* ah!  times.  so that is him.

happy birthday, eli.  <3 u.

(**and also his birthday was yesterday, haha a day late)


Freakishly Weird.

Like weirder than a normal home-schooled kid.


Oh my.

I was not kidding when I told you.

How freakishly weird they really are.



So we keep waiting.  (waiting)
Waiting on the world to change.
We keep on waiting. (waiting)
Waiting on the world to ch-.

Agh!!!  Oops!  I seem to have gotten a little bit carried away.... Sorry.


I have been catching up on schoolwork and WHAT NOT??? and have not blogged a lot.  SO I am taking this time to b-l-o-g spells BLOG!  (Bet you didn't know that!)(Ya I am s-u-p-e-r spells SUPER)

*Open thesarus and find "anyway"* ...  *lightbulb* HOWEVER!

I am trying so very hard to work on my 100 rAnDoM things about me.   If you really want to find out what they are, then maybe you should try to write 100 random things about you.  It doesn't take 5 minutes.  It takes like 5 months.

So however, anywho, etc...

I am trying oh so very hard to get it done...

These are the first things I think of when I think of friends...

You can play together.

You can have fun together.

You can cry and be VerY dramatic together.

You can be yourself with each other.

And you can have the best time ever with old friends.

For real.

I love my friends.


s e a r c h

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