A Cute Christmas Decoration Idea

This is a fun little thing you can do that doesn't take that long at all!!



Sharpies (Green and Red, or multicolored) 


Hole Punch

Ruler (optional.  If you cut perfectly straight, you're fine w/o it)

White Cardstock (or red and green.  if you use colored paper use a black Sharpie to write the letters)

First, cut 15 squares out of cardstock (what I did was use a ruler and went down and cut strips.  Then I used the ruler to make squares).

Next, use whatever colors you want to write the letters to M-E-R-R-Y C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S.  

Punch two holes - one on the left upper corner and one on the right upper corner.  BUT NOT TOO CLOSE or it'll ruin the square!!

Next, attach the string.  start at the M and work your way all the way to the exclamation point.  

Then, make a loop at both ends and grab two tacks, and hang away!!  (If you don't want to make holes in your walls, tape works, too.)

And there you have it!  A fun decoration!  

Have fun!



Some Random Things

Today, I have nothing too important to say.  Just pictures.

I found this can on our walk in the desert.  I thought it was so cool how it was all rusted and looked like it had been out there for years.

We decorated Sola for CHRISTmas.  

Lots of fun.

Talking.  Decorating.  Food.  Fellowship.  Fun!

All I know is that I have a ton of stuff to get done this week for school.  But it will pay off.  Because in a few weeks is CHRISTMAS BREAK!!!!!

I'm so excited.  

26 days until CHRISTmas!


p.s. A photo of some decorations for my bedroom is coming up soon.  :)


Thanksgiving Funness

How was your Thanksgiving?  Ours was marvelous! :)

These people were kinda calling out to me.....

Mmm... Pumpkin Pie!!!!  And homemade whipped cream :) 

I loved these flowers.  So much, that I posted about them the last time I posted and here they are again.  

The table... Now that I'm looking at it again... it looks kinda messy.  Sorry, mother. 

Oh and Liam looks real happy.  Doesn't he?  

My mom, Mrs. P. and I got stuck with dish duty.  Almost my absolute favorite job evar.  

Wait... how did this get in here????

(notice that my dad took this because if I did, I would have moved the plant)

(Oh and by the way........ I was planning on slapping my dad with that towel.)

(Oh for your information....... that plant is almost done.  My mother has a blue thumb.)



The Cookin' Day

Today... we cook.

Cranberry sauce, turkey brine, rolls, pumpkin pie, green bean casserole.  Yummy stuff!  Tomorrow we do the stuffing, potatoes, and all that good stuff.  I.can't.wait.

which edit do you like better?

We're gonna stick these in mini vases for Thanksgiving :)

Guess who's coming over for Thanksgiving this year?

Eve and her family!!  


Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!! 



Some Random Thoughts

I am kind of in love with this stuff.  Individual apple pies? Yum.
Eggplant!  Oh and by the way... that's my favorite knife ever.  You are not allowed to use it.  'Cuz it's super sharp and super awesome. 

We made eggplant parmesan.  Yummy :)

Kinda random.. but had to throw this in here.  Haha.

What are you all doing for Thanksgiving?

Tomorrow we have to start cooking.


Happy Cooking!




1. Thanksgiving is finally here.  Ahhh... I can't wait to stuff my face.  Ha!

2. This picture of Isaiah makes me laugh out loud.  I think it's so funny how he's just this little kid in the middle of some sand...

3. I want this picture framed in my room:

I don't know why I love it so much.

4. Justin Bieber won so many awards last night.  He even won singer of the year award or whatever it's called.  Why does he always have to touch his hair?  I also can't believe that he thanked Michael Jackson and said, "because we all wouldn't be here without him."  Oh really?   Haha.

5. I already have my Christmas WISHlist done.  Here's a few:
Lightroom 3, Jototes camera bag, and some more.

It's Monday!

-emma :)



Carlotta is doing a photo challenge today.

So I decided to participate!  :)

I can't decide which one I like best........... for this occasion ;-) opinions? 

Here we are.  

These are called Muffins that taste like Doughnuts.

And oooooh my.  I made these a while ago, but I need to make them again.  Wow they were amazing.

If you head over to Pioneer Woman's Tasty Kitchen, type in Muffins that taste like Doughnuts.

Oh. My.  


The Cleanest Thing in my Bedroom

...is my piano.

I'm not really sure why my piano is thee cleanest thing in my room.  I mean, my desk is always a mess and my dresser is a mess!  It's crazy.  

If my mom has flowers she doesn't want anymore, I dry them and then stick 'em in here sometimes.  

I also have this heart that Jemima made for me a few years ago.  I still love it.

Also, my two candy jars.  In one, are gum balls and the other one has absolutely nothing.  Next, I'll get Mike & Ikes in the smaller one and maybe peppermints in the bigger one for the Holidays.  *Ahem* CHRISTMAS.  Not Holidays!  haha.

Somehow, I'll have to get rid of the gum balls.  Off to the boys they go.  

*Note: Restricting Hal to one piece of candy per visit.  Haha kidding!*

Lastly, pearls.  

Well, actually pearls aren't really being modeled on my piano.  I just found them there.  Haha.

Anyway... I love these.  No, they aren't real (unfortunately) but I got 8 for $3.95!  

By the way... if you haven't noticed, H&M is one of my *favorite* stores ever.  Besides Anthropology.  Which I never really go to :(

Well... back to pearls.  and H&M.  

Here's the ladies stuff you can find here.

And I found this awesome thing on their website.  


So now you know that I *love* H&M and my piano is the cleanest thing in my room.




SO!  I haven't blogged in a while!   I've been busy...

I'm getting really excited about the new blog.  Everyone wants a sneak peak!  But nope... no one has yet to see it but me. ;-) 

Just 2 more months, people!  Just forget about it...

I had a mini photo shoot with Abi.  SHE.GOT.HER.BRACES.OFF.!!

...and her amazing sweater from the AMAZING H&M :)

Cactus fruit!

Have a great weekend :)



Big Changes!!!!

Big changes are coming!!!!  No, I am not switching to WordPress, or anything else for any of you that are freaking out!!  BUT!  I will be blogging on this blog until 2011 (January 1 to be exact :))  and then unveiling the new blog!  Soooo everything will be normal until 2011... :)




Thinking about some SERIOUS changing to this blog!  May be changing to wordpress... you never know ;-)

We'll see... I need a big change... Blogger is starting to get on my nerves!

More later...



does any of this stuff scare you?

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...if you had to pick it up?

...if you saw this when you woke up in the morning?

...If your friend's brother did this, too?

...if you found this in your home?

...if your brothers acted this way?


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