Liam, the Bewildered

He was confused when I asked him if I could snap a couple of pictures this afternoon of him.  He just sort of looked at me like this:
And I quickly thought of something to give him before he froze and started wearing his pants pulled up to his chest and pearly white shoes again... like a homeschooler.

After I told him that I would give him the beloved (Happy Quality Adjective Day!) heart-shaped lollipops in my room, he melted a little bit.

And I'm sorry.  But the Jolly-Rancher lollipops are not for sale anymore!


Don't pay attention to his teeth.  


It is embarrassing.

PLEASE!!  Don't look!  His teeth are covered in orange nastiness and his mouth is dusted with Pirates Booty!



People were watching me, and he PUNCHED ME!

And he almost broke my camera :(

He then looked at my camera.  

My new lens.  

My new portrait lens.

My 50mm.  :D

I laughed.

Because cheese is good.

And because I like grass.  

Grass is good, too.

And then he made this freaky face and I cried forever. 



my photography blog

I am actually blogging my photography now.


That's all!

I will be 13 tomorrow!  Celebration!!  haha


Ya I made this and a Long Lost Post

Ya so?  I'm a computer geek, so what?

Ya. I made this.  And I will do many more.


I went to Arkansas!!
And I never did a post on it!!
So here we are...

But wait.  Before I start I must say that the Griffith's are a tall, hilarious, funny, joking, tall, cute, LARGE family.  I had a blast with them.  

sandra grace, the wild and funny child

evelyn, the sweet child who makes me smile :D

alexandra, MY FRIEND (i love them all) the one i skype 2 days a week :0)

elizabeth, the SWEET (they're all sweet.  really I'm not kidding) child who makes me LAUGH.

and... here is andrew... the hilarious child with the kool-aid beard.  my word he's funny.  And he makes me want to go back!!  he is so cute. and he and eli need to get together...

Oh and Richard makes me LAUGH OUT LOUD

I don't have a picture of Brian OR Richard :(  but they are awesome too ;0)

I had a GREAT time!!  (thanks Griffith's!!!)

On Tuesday after I got there, I drove around their little town... and we hurried to find a gas station before some weird person found us on the side of the road and was like "DUDE!  there's some people with 8 kids in the car!"  that would be just too weird.

SO, then on Wednesday we went to the Clinton Museum and that was a lot of fun!  Then we drove by the Duggar's house that they are staying at while their baby is in the hospital.  So, Mrs. Griffith hauled us all to a bakery, and we got cookies and stuff and DELIVERED THEM TO THE DUGGARS!!!  I MET JINGER DUGGAR!!!  (alexandra, let your mother read this hahahahaha) THANKS MRS. GRIFFITH FOR NOT TAKING ME TO SEE THE WHOLE FAMILY AT THE HOSPITAL.

Anyway, on Thursday I got their stomach flu and I won't go into the details because that's nasty.  Especially if you have a big pile of brownies right in front of you that you'd rather not have it come back out but ANYWAY.  It sucked :(

Then I had to go home on Friday :(  that stunk even more because we were going to do a photo shoot on Thursday. 

Well, bad stuff happens.  And we MUST do it again, Alexandra!!

Thanks Griffith's for a great time!!!  MRS. GRIFFITH I STILL LIKE YOU EVEN THO YOU DIDN'T LET ME GO SEE ALL OF THE DUGGARS. :(  jk.jk.

thanks.  you guys rock.


chicken scratch


Please, Mon. I'm trying to do many things.

**(The writing goes with the picture above it)**
Otis calls me Mon.

I can see it in his eyes.

I have a treat in my hands.

"Please, Mon.  I want the treat."

"Haha!  I'm tricking you, Toad Otey Toady otis-booty face."

"I can't go through it longer, Mon."

"Please?  I even lick my lips and shake your hand.  I like hands.  They taste yummy when I lick them."

"Ohmi GOSH!  I saw the lights!  And then they disapeared!"

"Please Mon.  See?  This person is giving me some TLC."

"You know you just love me, Mon.  Please?  With a ball and lights on top?  Oh oh oh!  I just love lights, you know, Mon.  I just do!  Oh and Baron!  I love lights and Baron and Treats.  oh my!  'Lights Baron Treats oh my!'  but please Mon?"

I love the puppy...


The Story of a Flower

So we planted flowers!

And I had fun editing!

But now we will get to the read deal... The Story of a Flower.

I am a flower.

I am a flower in this post, okay?

I get planted.  

A very nice family plants me in their special pots.

I am happy and beautiful.

Oh and I smell good, too!

But then.  Out of nowhere!

I wilt.

And wilt.

and wilt.  My life gets darker.

And then.  I die.  And my nice beautiful family throws me away.
The End.

Well.  That was fun!  Great story, eh?

A flower's Story is very depressing.


The weirdness of A Photogenic lacking-ness of a Brother

We will start with this picture.

So, I call him out to snap a couple of pictures and he says, "Um Emma.  Um.  Do I get money or somefing?"  me: "Um sure" (thinking that he would eventually forget)

He puts his hood up.

He put some weird 3-finger thing up.

He even did the "my bad habit" look

then he freaked out.

And boy, I think he might need a long, 2-mile run to get him off of that weird freaky thing he's doing.

What the heck?

the wittew baby

and Doh!  "wait.  emma.  I need to pull up my pants"


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