Guess the background!! chocolate!!

I saw this on the Quiet Life(but with a giant crunch bar) and I copied it(don't tell her!!)! Guess what I used for the background. hint*It's something used for everyday school(mother, no answers!!) nch bar

unch bar
runch(my fav) bar
crunch bar which one do you like best?? I like Runch bar. Get your Runch bar!! Get a picture with the runch bar and the unknown object of school supplies!!


Swim Meet!!!

I had a swim meet last week and I got 3 2nd places!! It was fun. It's especially fun b/c my friend Maddie Regan swims too!( ) This was really fun!!! breaststroke


Boys will be boys

Okay, the boys made this big long river type thing and they ran their trucks thru the mud. and yes- liam got a bit carried away. He(obviously) picked up some durt and put it in his hair, made a beard and oh- it was just nuts. He was trying to walk thru thr whole house with his muddy self but ohhh-nooo. It was very funny to see him.



Best friends foever-BFF!!

Eli and Seth are best friends. BUT-Eli can be very bossy, someimes, okay a lot. Seth is just so quiet and then there's Eli. But this time they played nicely together. The boys found tennis balls for them. These are sooo cute pics!!

eve is so cute! she found her thumb today!
oh- they are so cute!


Love Story, by Taylor Swift

I love this song!! I heard it on the radio a couple of times and when she sang on the CMA Awards- I love this song! It's on here, on my music player at the bottom. Okay-I went yellow. On the template....Do you like it? It's like BRIGHT!!! Super bright!!! I was getting sick of the brown. I think this is very, very bright!!!!


Cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes

My mom and I are making cupcakes adn 1 cake for my babysitter, Mackenzie's wedding. My mom was worried that they would be bad or ruined or just because we're making 200!! We have made about 170 or so(last time I checked). Yesterday we made 4 batches!! It's going to be fun, though. The wedding is the day after Thanksgiving, too. Pics of Logan's party later.


New shoes!!

I have been wanting converse and finally, I got them! I love them!


Happy birthday logan!!

Logan's birthday was the 29th. Grandpa and Leta came out for it. It was really fun!

he got a rip stik(like a wave board)
creme brulee, his fave!!
itunes giftcard-gotta love that



I know, I know. You don't have to say it. I have been behind on my blogging!! We are so busy with everything! I don't have a lot of time to blog!! ANyway, here's haloween it was so fun!! look at all the loot!

seth is so cute!!!
Abi and I were hippies! We made tie-dye shirts it was fun!
sammy was also a hippie(more a 70's person) it was so fun!


s e a r c h

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