this girl

this girl.... in between laughing and making lots of jokes.... makes for a great model.

i can be who i want to be as a photographer.  so this shot has a major twist, and i think i kind of like it.


nothing is impossible through the power of God

Those are the words I read as I logged into my Pinterest account.  Everything that has happened in the past year went flashing before my eyes.

Nothing is impossible through the power of God.  Those words hit me harder than a brick hits the ground. The past week has been crazy - a whirlwind of thoughts.  And, to top it all off, the one thing I've wanted since last August just fell into my lap, and I was struggling to believe it all or not.

If nothing is impossible through God, then I shouldn't question anything.  For the past few months, I've been denying everything.  Thinking about the impossibilites is so easy.

The way this simple sentence was worded was the most encouraging to me.  Nothing is impossible through the power of God.  I had to ask myself if that was what I believed.

It was this girl that I don't even know who encouraged me the most today.  It was the girl that followed me on Pinterest who had a bio that was so encouraging.  And I'm pretty sure it wasn't just a coincidence.

Thank you, anonymous girl, for encouraging me with your words today.

Luke 1:37.

P.S. I'm still kind of on that break.  I'm finding a lot of inspiration through usually-ignored things.  I'll be back soon with a lot of thoughts.  xo.



i'm still on my blog break.  i'll be back very soon.


....i hope i can publish the post that i saved as a draft last night....

but in the meantime.....



tonight all i will say is this.....

when you think you are ready to give up....... keep going.  you never know what's over the next horizon.  and when i say never, i mean never.



blogging is like songwriting.  you get a thought, write it down, and words spark from that thought.  sometimes, though, it just isn't there.

you aren't inspired.  you aren't encouraged.  so you can't inspire or encourage other people if you aren't, either.  that's where i've been, lately.

blogging is like songwriting.  you can get in a rut and not want to do it anymore.  and then one day, it returns.

i'm just sort of taking a break.  just waiting for my writing inspiration to come back.  i'm not going to write just to write.


what will i write about when i come back?  i guess God only knows.


life through a different lens

the lens of my iPod, that is.  



this image was hard to see when i was looking through my old instagram photos.  it's hard to think of how excited we all were.  

last night, i dreamt we got a baby.  a baby girl, to be exact.  she grew up to be really bratty.  but it taught one thing / i have no idea what this child will be, and there's no bother trying to make it what i want.

so i will wait.  i will wait until i can put that countdown back up on the wall.  i will wait until i get to see what God envisioned this baby will be, not me. 


best feeling in the whole wide world

the best feeling in the whole wide world :

when you get emails, comments, chats, and everything else saying that what i wrote touched their heart.  this is why i blog.  just being who i am, living my pretty regular life, and saying what i believe encourages people.  best feeling in the whole wide world.



if you are needing encouragement today.... reread this verse in your head all day.... and repeat this song all day.

all day.



adoption is one of the best gifts on this entire earth.  two of my best friends are adopted.  some of our closest friends have adopted.  it is truly a special thing to experience.

a lot of people don't understand it.  they don't understand what it feels like to be adopted.  they don't understand why someone would do something like adoption.  most people ask why.  most people wonder why you would want to do that, after you already have biological children.  most of the people that say these things are believers.  but what they don't understand is that they've been adopted.

adoption is one of the greatest things God has done for us.  He loves us enough to adopt people who ruin everything.  sinners who turn their backs on God; he chose me.  why not show that to an orphan through adoption?

my mom has a magnet that says "got love?  adopt.".  it just makes me smile.  God had enough love inside Him for me that he adopted me.  what about loving orphans enough to adopting them?  after all, God calls us all to orphans.  just read james 1:27.

Ephesians 1:5 tells us "He predestined us for sonship through Jesus Christ in accordance with his pleasure and will."

it's His pleasure to adopt us.  it should be our pleasure to help orphans.  sure, adoption isn't for everyone, but orphans are.

there are more than 145 million orphans in this world.  not many will step up to adopt these children, but yet 40% of pregnancies in New York last year were aborted.

what is this.  what is this that in a world of abandoned children, no one notices?  what is this that in our culture it is okay to kill unborn children because of "convenience"?

maybe it's our obliviousness to the truth.  maybe people want to help but just can't.  maybe we're too selfish.  or maybe we just don't like dealing with reality.

whatever it is, it needs to stop.  whatever we are doing, needs to change.  and i for one, am here to do just that.


twenty-eleven :: in photos

this year was one of my favorites in photos.  lots of faces.  and, i realized what photography is all about for me :: the people.  



i am a people person.  i one-hundred percent love having people around me.

i try to notice everything i can about the people around me.  i want to remember your name.  i want to remember your personality.

when we started the adoption process, i never thought that we'd have so many people come around us and bless us with giving.  i've seen it firsthand with friends' adoptions, but this time, i got to feel it firsthand.

i get to see firsthand what it feels like to be given something, just because we were called to do something.  there is no better feeling than looking at the people around you and saying, 'wow, i am so blessed.'.

people give their time, their money, their handmade lovelies, anything and everything just to help a family who's doing what they were called to do.

i've been reading katie davis' kisses from katie.  it's an outstanding book.  she says so many powerful things that just make you have to read them over and over just to really understand them.  she talked about how she was blessed just because she said yes and was obedient to what God was commanding her to do.  and i thought about how many people have given to us in the past few months, even when we have almost no hope left.

how much longer must we wait -- i have no idea.  how much longer can we wait -- it feels like no longer.  but when i see that God is providing through the people around us, i know that something has to come out of this.



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