I love it.  So much. 

 Macro Shots.
I just love playing around with macro shots.  It took about 65 seconds for my camera to focus on this. 

I just love it.  It is so cute, and it makes me happy bringing it along where I go :)

 My bag was sitting alone all by its lonesome.
Wait.  This isn't a love, is it?

 Jemima's laugh.
I seriously love this picture.  She has a heart tattoo, and she looks like h e r.  laughing is so great.  

My mother.
She sat here and watched us goof around and take photos.  Bwaha.  

 This picture.
I love every single thing about it. 

More macro.
You can never have enough.  Goodness.

Macro, macro, everywhere!!!
I wonder if anyone can guess what this is...

Photo shoots.
I had a photo shoot with Jemima and Galilee yesterday.  

And it was amazing.

And this made me laugh out loud so many times.

What are some things you're loving??



Big news and Great Finds.

I have big news......

My new blog......  gathering up {SNAPSHOTS} is coming soon :)

Stay tuned for the unveiling.  I, for one, am super uber excited.

new finds and loves:

My goodness.  This is so much fun!!  I got it from Carlotta, and she mentioned how late she is finding this site... so now I am SOO late. ;)

It is so much fun.  And, the best part... you can actually buy the things you like!!!!!  I am so happy about this :)

Self Portraits.

 I am loving these shots.  As the "photographer", I get NO pictures of myself.  When it came time to choose the pictures for the CHRISTmas card, I had only one.  
In the last two photos, I set my camera on my piano in my bedroom (where there's the most light), and snapped away.  I think I LOVE the images :)
This one was sort of a new haircut picture... I think it's so amazing how it doesn't even look like I took it ;)

Photo Ops.

I am finding now that there are always photo opportunities.  I try to bring my camera where I go, but it is so hard to remember sometimes.

 Such a terrible looking photo, but it means SO.MUCH. to me. These are the photo opportunities where I need my camera by my side.  At all times.
Even the Cherise and Isaiah photo ops.  I had no images of US with them, that I looked in my computer trash bin.  I dug some out, and i sort of fell in love with the images.  Again, web cam photos = blah.  I needed to have more pictures of us with them... because we really had no idea when they'd leave again.

What are some new finds and loves that you've found recently?




Hello!  Good morning.  Afternoon.  Evening.  Whatever time you came across my blog today!! 
I got these in the mail yesterday.  BUDDY THE ELF PINS!!!!

They're so awesome.  And I'm still a geek :P

I have become rather fond of the actual dictionary, instead of using the one on my dashboard.  Except I think my mother would disagree that I continue my work with an actual dictionary.  I called her over because I couldn't find a word and she found it right underneath where I was looking.  

Only one more semester until Summer.  I'm so excited.

I wear mismatched socks.  it's kinda crazy, but it's soooo easy.  Haha.

Real Pencils.  Oh my.  I love these things.  I had been using mechanical ones for so long, until I finally realized what I was missing.  

My brother made this white house last night.  I think it's so cool.

I really need to be picking up my schools tuff right now.  I'd rather blog :)


p.s. nice conclusion, huh???!



Eli set up his puffles and Club Penguin people up and requested for me to take a family picture.  I love all of their faces... it reminds me of a real family picture!  One person is frowning, one's crying.  

Then of course we had to get the father in there, too.

We had Saturday Afternoon take-everything-out-of-the-front-yard sort of chores.  Trying paint colors, tearing out cactuses, striping everything off what needs to be painted.  Beautiful.  Hopefully, the outside of our house will look way better than this:

I had grapefruit for dessert after lunch.

Played with my new sunflare presets. 

And hung out with my new friend... who lives just down the street.

Fun Saturday.

What did you do this Saturday?




So first and foremost............  I have not been posting in so long... I have had a very busy week of exams.

Just so you know, exam week is thee worst week of school ever.

And this is me.  With a confused look on my face.  

But.  Back to... whatever this post ends up being about...

We visited a teeny tiny farm the other day!

I only took four pictures.  

And then we had another mini photo shoot.

I then scared the heck out of Eli with this Star Wars mask:

I pretty much ran in and he started screaming his eyes out.  It was so hilarious.

Here's me in this mask, btw.  With my Arkansas shirt that I wear to bed.  It's kinda scary.

I saw this on PW's blog (during a contest) **So no it is not mine** I am going to make this on Valentines Day.  It looks so delicious.

What holiday are you looking forward to?



New Haircuts and Photo shoots.

I pulled out my 75-300mm lens this afternoon and shot a couple of photos. 

I told Eli, "Smile with your mouth closed.".  And, of course, if you ask a child to do something that isn't "them" they end up looking entirely awkward. 

The sole purpose of this photo shoot of Logan was because he needs a new Facebook profile picture :P

And I finally got a picture of Otis.  Normally when I pull out my camera he is obsessing over lights.

And now... a picture of me.....

I got my hair cut.  I pulled it back this morning because, you know, it was S A T U R D A Y :)

But I love it.  I was going for this look:

And I think my hairdresser replicated it perfectly :)

What did you do this Saturday afternoon?



D-I-Y tutorial: The Many Faces of the Month

**This tutorial was first posted on PW's homeschool section on her blog.**

I have another D-I-Y tutorial for you all this afternoon.  Super easy.  Super fun.

What you'll need:

(in addition to this you will need yarn or sting, paper clips.)

  • 28 (or how many days are in that month) of your favorite pictures.  
  • Paperclips
  • 2 x 4 envelopes (original tutorial called for 2 1/2 x 4 1/4 dimensions but you can find something close)
  • yarn or sting.
  • tacks
  • scissors
  • glue stick.

What to do:

Start out with your envelopes and a picture of your choice.  Glue the envelope to the back of the photo, and cut along the edges of the envelope so it looks like this:

Be sure to cut the little edge off at the very top of your envelope.

Continue this until you get 28 (or 30 or 31!) pictures with envelopes.  **Be sure to cut off the tops like I didn't do until after!**

Next, you need to figure out the spot you're going to put this calendar in.  

Now you'll also need your string, tacks and paperclips.

Attach the envelope photos to your hanging yarn/string using the paperclips.  Take note cards, cut them into 2x4 size, and add in your plans for that day,

Such a fun and easy tutorial!!

The original tutorial can be found here.

Have fun calendar making!!




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