for titus.

for titus.  those two words written over a glass jar that was once filled with milk.  simple, yet to the point.  those two words mean a lot to me.

november 11.  baby titus is due to be born into this world.  

my brother.

due november 11.

through the blessing of adoption.

adoption costs a lot of money.  too much, in my opinion.  but you have no idea how much of a blessing every penny given to this adoption is.

and we have the best friends in the entire world.  seriously.  every time i learned that another person is sewing, selling, photographing or giving, i was in shock.  shock.  i don't know why people do this for us.  but it is such a blessing.  such a blessing.  

Dawn Gregg is selling photographs.

Jessica Fischer is making blankets.

and people are giving.  

all to bring my brother home.  

thank you. 

thank you for filling up our jar for titus with money.

i am blessed.


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what means the most.

sometimes, we get so caught up in life and the craziness of school that we forget what means the most in life.  it's hard sometimes to remember that life is really beautiful.  although it may be totally crazy and hectic and nothing is going your way, it's still beautiful.  and i always forget to remember what means the most to me.

what means the most to me, is watching a bunch of boys play football together.  although it may sound absolutely crazy, it means a lot. 

what means the most to me, is having the best friends in the entire world.  ones that are miles and miles away, but stick with you. 

what means the most to me, is watching little boys play.  makes my heart smile. 

what means the most to me, is making prank calls with this kid right here.  never ceases to make me laugh til i cry. 

what means the most to me, is standing on the sand, wind in my hair, and realizing that I have a great God. 

what means the most to me, is waking up every day and knowing that i have the best brothers in the world.  

it's the simple, everyday things, that mean the most to me.


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head shots.

you know those head shots you get of people that totally and completely show their true personality?  like the ones where you don't have to say anything, because it's shown in the photograph?  that's what these are to me:

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weekends are.

weekends are...

photo shoots with your brother.

beautiful sunny skies and cooler temperatures...

a crazy large dog...

picnic blankets.

dinner outside by candlelight.

weekends are lovely.  don't you think?



The Emmys 2011

my favorite emmy dresses for this year:

Lea Michelle as gorgeous as ever.  AMAZING dress.  Loved the sleeves.  

Kate Winslet.  Perfect.

I don't usually care what the guys wear, but LL Cool J NAILED IT with his outfit.  While everyone else was wearing black ties, he did something different.  

Evan Rachel Woods looks amazing in this dress.  It fits her perfectly, and i love everything about it.

Kaley Cuoco looked fantastic, and love the red clutch. 

Kelly Minka.  LOVE the lace.

Heidi Klum looking AMAZING in this dress.  Seriously, she is amazing. 

Of course, Zooey Deschanel :) I just LOVE hers, although the colors are a little Valentines Day-ish.  And my mother said she looks like she should be on a cake.  I love it.



Yes, I have been wearing outfit-of-the-day worthy clothes recently, but I haven't really been posting them.  But today, I did something different.  I set my camera on a stack of books on my bed, and stood in front of my camera while it was recording.  To be honest, it was actually quite fun.  I've been very interested in videography recently, and I am so in love with how this turned out!  So here's my quick 45 second outfit video.



D-I-Y : no-sew bunting.

I've been looking for something to put on my bare wall in my bedroom, and after being inspired by the lovely etsy this afternoon, I set out to do some bunting.  I am sewing machine-less at the moment, so doing crafts right now is a little tough.  But, I figured out how I can do bunting without a sewing machine, and it was a great Saturday evening project :)

All the materials in this tutorial you will most likely have lying around in your home.  But one thing you will need to figure out before you begin is how many "triangles" you want to make.  I made 12, so figure out where you're going to hang them, and then go from there.  

You're going to need a hot glue gun, a pencil, scissors, scraps of fabric (make sure it is big enough for the bunting template), twine (or anything else that will hold it; not included in photo), and a bunting template (which can be found here).  

So go ahead and print your bunting template onto cardstock, and cut it out.  Then you're going to put it on your fabric, and trace it with your pencil.  

Now we're going to cut along the lines we made. 

Repeat until desired number of bunted triangles are cut out.  

[At this point I ironed them out to get all the creases out, but this is optional.  Only for those of us that don't fold their fabric very nicely ;)]

Next you're going to pull out your twine or yarn or whatever you are using & your hot glue gun.

Now you're going to put glue on the top edge of your "triangles", and press the twine onto it.  

Next, put some more glue on the very top edge of your triangles, and fold over.  This is just going to make them look much cleaner.

Yay!!  We're done with the first one!!

{please ignore the messy saturday hair}

Now go ahead and continue this process until you get your desired outcome.  I did two strings of 6 bunted triangles, but you can do whatever you want :) 

Here was my wall before:

And after:

How simple was that????

I am sooo beyond happy with this D-I-Y!  It totally makes my room so much more happy!

So happy "bunting", everyone!!  have fun and enjoy :)



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