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happy birthday to my dear friend, taylor.  you've blessed my life so much.  i took an algebra class three years ago that didn't end that well in the academic area, but i got an amazing new friend.  we've had many laughs, a lot of inside jokes, and an amazing friendship.  i'm so grateful for her.  happy birthday, taylor, have a lovely day.

p.s. 101 days :)


promise after promise

....seen through rainbows.  It's such a lovely feeling.  Rainbow after rainbow after rainbow.  All fulfilling the same promise.  Another seen today.

Unbelievable, if you ask me.



Since I keep most of you updated on my blog, I thought I'd go ahead and let you know that........

we are matched.

It's kind of an insane feeling.  I can't even begin to tell you my disbelief I felt when I read the text from my mom.  Here's the story:

We had been pursuing an adoption locally, which seemed a bit fishy, so we waited.  In the meantime, my parents talked to a birthmom on the phone.  More waiting.  I learn that the local adoption is quickly falling apart.  About a week later, I'm sitting in a government class/conference, and got a text from my mom: we are matched!!!  I about died.  I was sitting here in a group of 90 teenagers trying to listen, and I can't contain my excitement.  I was in such disbelief at the text in my hand.

God worked it all out.  I thought that this local adoption was "the one" for us, and, obviously, it wasn't.

To my wonderful friends: to the one who asked "What, you're not excited at all?", I wish you were sitting next to me so that we could have been quietly freaking out during that class.  And.... to the one that jumped up and down and hugged me (after I informed her that I wasn't talking about matching as in outfits), you are the best.  To the one that freaked out over a text and told me she wished she was there with me to jump up and down with me, I love you to the moon.  Thank you to all of my amazing friends who've been with me since that day, through everything, to be excited with me - I love you all dearly.  Thankyouthankyouthankyou.

And, to be cautiously excited, there is a countdown on my computer dashboard that says "2 months and 1 week until Titus."  We will continue to be "cautiously excited" (as we call it) for the next 2 months and 1 week.  We would absolutely covet your prayers as we enter into the long await ahead of us.

love you all,


s e a r c h

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