I am Emma Claire.  Sixteen, loud introvert, orphan lover.  I'm so incredibly blessed to be loved by my Savior Jesus Christ.  I live in the Sonoran desert, where the cactuses grow tall and the sun is always shining.  I dream of living in Africa for a year, or maybe forever.

I live for: 2am chats with dear friends, watching a good Arizona sunset, driving my family's diesel Excursion, and letter-writing.  Mornings where steam from my coffee pours through the sunlight.  I'm obsessed with mechanical pencils and fine Sharpie pens.  And notebooks.  The sound of my four brothers laughing together makes my heart sing.  Birthmothers are my heros.

I hate early mornings but can't stay up past 2am without going insane.  Peanut butter and honey is my addiction.  I do flat twists on my chocolate brother's hair (but don't let him go out in public like that).

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