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i love when the light streams in in my bedroom like this.  and yes, that is my blank countdown (*tear*). Just 144 days and I'm going to begin it again.


really messy slept-in braids recently

guess who i was holding?  i love this view.

i love when the light streams in like this pt 2.  and yes, he was talking to me :) 

my favorite kind of desktop photo

stayed up and read in this corner of my home.

everything is better with a vintage fan.  especially 6 hours straight of sitting staring at a computer screen.

i miss this place.  and the people that were sitting next to me when i took this photo.  

my favorite thrifted shirt ever ever ever ever.  it was such a good find.  i love goodwill. 

class for the hundredth time.  + water + granola in coconut milk and honey.  

i got the loveliest letters from some of my dearest friends.  i wrote them back and listened to mumford & sons.

iced coffee and... oh, more class.  

more coffee and reading something other than school books.

6am is rough.  it's better when you wake up to this new album.

i wore my favorite shoes and tights last sunday.  you could say i'm really craving fall. 

and yes, the only food photos i take is of peanut butter and honey + apples.  i have an addiction, i know.

my view a few nights ago @11:30pm.  bottles in the sink, two rootbeer bottles and a single rose.  interesting.

jj heller!

invitational.  all day.  in the sun.  with blue dye on my hands.  my life.

Emma  – (September 29, 2012 at 10:09 PM)  



MAN, I've loved her music for like 3 years (the first song of hers I ever listened to was "What Love Really Means") and I have been dying to see her live! But, she's never come to Canada. :(

I am so incredibly jealous! Was it good? =)
(sorry...long comment. =P)

emma claire  – (October 1, 2012 at 7:53 AM)  

@Emma Hahaha! I actually know her personally! Kinda. Crazy, I know. If you ever come out to the west coast I'll see if she's doing anything live ;)

Emma  – (October 2, 2012 at 10:38 AM)  

WHAT? How do you know her? Wow, that's so crazy. =P From all the video journals on her Youtube channel she seems like a really cool person, and her daughters are SO ADORABLE. :)

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