instagram lately

i love getting letters.  especially from jemima.  

my babyyyyyy. 

i love this face too much.  even when he drools 24/7.

dairy-free milk shake.  on accident.  don't ask.

an outfit.  (i have 5 legs!  woooo!)

i was the dictionary girl in the scrabble game.  because i hate that game so much (sue me, i already know). 

my day on wednesday.  asdfghjkl; algebra 2 + music + some of my favorite people over skype

i found a basket of stuffed animals in the bathtub.  #bigfamilyproblems? all i know is... i thought it was a human about to jump out and kidnap me or something. 

legit the best snack on earth

i love this fat kid so much.  

my two grandmothers.  miss them both.

back to reality (it took almost everything in me to not finish that rap :P inside joke sorry) my desk has way too much junk on it.  

my favorite piece of Africa.  i love when people ask me about it. 

it was game day!  go blue!  (and yes, one day Trey will replace Denard Robinson.  You'll see.)

mini notebooks to keep track of my school work.  i get behind easily.  these will come in handy.  (procrastinators unite!  tomorrow)

it poured in arizona.  woah.

butternut squash soup for the rainy day.  i haven't had soup since before April.  this is a huge deal.

for trey's gotcha day.  basically my fav grey anthro skirt + this extra long button up that doesn't look good with anything else. 

Instagram is my favorite. 

Anonymous –   – (September 9, 2012 at 2:59 PM)  

1: that kid is too adorable. it shouldn't even be legal to be that stinkin cute. 2: i have the same math book. :) 3: your gotcha-day outfit is sooooo pretty. i love it. :D

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