little feet

I kept staring at that photo of Trey's tiny feet I posted a few posts back.  After the election tonight, it really hit home for me.

The Lord.... he put every little crevice there.  Those weird pinkies he has that stick out and move individually... He made them like that.  He knew that one day he'd try to put those toes in his mouth.  He knows that one day he'll take a step with the same feet, for the first time.  And, above all, He knows where those feet will walk one day.

He formed those feet, you know, while he was still in his birth mother's womb.  He put every little crevice there.  He formed that strange pinky toe.  And He made them keeping in mind where those feet would one day walk.

And then there are murderers.  And liars.  They lie and tell us it's our choice if we want to murder.  They lie and tell us we deserve the right to that choice.  But here's the harsh reality:  we don't.  We don't have the right to lie or the right to murder.  We are all made by God.  Each one of us.  We are made by God whether that be at 10 weeks gestation or 45 years old.  They'll keep lying and they'll keep telling us it's our right to destroy those little feet.  But what the murderers don't realize is that when they destroy those feet, they destroy the path in which God had already planned for those feet to walk.  And that is sickening.

The thought of the next four years scares me more than anything.  But it just makes me work harder to Abolish Human Abortion, to tell more people about adoption, to really and honestly change a part of the world.  Because life is precious.

Brad Weisman  – (November 7, 2012 at 7:16 AM)  

Amen, Emma!! I totally agree. It is terrifying to know that there will be four more years of Obama... The only thing we can do now is pray.

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