I know I already said what I was thankful for today, but there's something weighing much too heavy on my heart to not write about tonight.

This is Blessing.  And before I go on, let us all just take a moment of silence for the cuteness that just exploded over the internet.  Oh my GOODNESS.

She is the daughter of some dear friends of ours.  And today, God said yes, God said forever.  As I saw this news on Facebook today, I was so humbled by it.

Adoption is such a hard and long road, it really is.  There are some super hard days and some really rewarding days.  There are days you want to give up.  But then you remember what God did to us when He was adopting us; He kept pursuing us, until He had us, forever.  This sweet baby girl lives out her name in every single way.  Every time I see her face, she seriously exudes such joy.  I haven't even spent much time with her, but every time I look at her face, I think of her as a complete blessing.

Today was the day God picked out for this sweet girl to have a forever family.  For ever.  Adoption really doesn't make much sense when you look at it like this.  I've often felt like I don't deserve any of it.  Myself being adopted by God, or Trey into my family.  It is so overwhelming, it's unexplainable.  But today is a day to rejoice.  It is a day to be humbled and to recognize that our God is so amazing.  There may be millions of kids that don't have a home tonight, but one does.  We're one more child closer to getting rid of the 163 million orphans in this world.  Tonight, I am so thankful for adoption.  I can't even properly put it into words.  It just means more than any little thing in my life, and without it, I'd be no where.

Happy happy happy day, little one.  I can't want to watch you grow up and marry Trey.

Emma  – (November 15, 2012 at 10:56 AM)  

I love this Emma...I especially love hearing about adoptions that are working out. :)
HAHA...who said arranged marriages didn't happen anymore?! ;)

Olivia  – (November 15, 2012 at 11:20 AM)  

haha. love it. she is a dollllll :)

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