Right now, It's 11pm and half my family is asleep.  The TV is on, the lights are dimmed, and when I look around I can't help but think about how lovely it be alive.  There is something about my home at night that I love.  It's the only time there is ever silence in my home.  If you want quiet... you have to get up early or stay up late.  And I like that.  I like chaos.  As nice as the silence may be... chaos is what I grew up in.  Noise is what I live in everyday.  If it's silent in my home... something is wrong.  And I like that.  I think I like chaos because that's what home is to me.  If I spend too much time in silence my head starts spinning.  I like chaos.  And I'm pretty sure that's because I like my home.  Chaotic or not. 

On another note... Happy July, friends!  I left the picture above clickable so that you could click and zoom in on that sweet face!  


Emma  – (July 3, 2012 at 8:27 AM)  

That's how it is in our house too, with 4 kids, it's never quiet. When everybody is gone, or it's night time or early in the morning, it's not normal. It seems weird to me. I like the quiet for a few minutes, but not a long time. I always complain about the noise and everybody being loud, but really, it's what I'm used to and what I like. :)

Oh, and YES I did zoom in on his sweet face! <3 Do you mind if I borrow him for.....oh......I don't know......forever? ;) just kidding!

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