tackling this giant 7-novel book before july 16th for my summer class.  woot!

curly summer i-dont-care-hair.

peaches and pajamas and chickflicks.  summer at it's best.

our lovely magazine.

neon pink dress and straight hair.

the lovely taylor.

crazy nails.

summer forts.


i haven't had chocolate milk in ages... this coconut milk seemed to do the trick.

i steal dark chocolate covered pretzels from the pantry when no one's looking...because i can and because they're good.

peaches and watermelon and downton abbey.  i like summer.  

from where i looked down...earlier. 

another batch of non-dairy ice cream for this ice cream fanatic.  

my fourth of july is going to be spent sleeping in, finishing jane austen books, and going to the beach.  good day.

top knot. 

new fav floral dress from h&m

another top knot... this time it went from curly to top knot-ed with a floral bow.  because that's my kind of day-to-night hair.  

i was up at 7am... feeling the pool.  because that's what arizonians do.


sorry not sorry that my dairy-free ice cream is cooler than yours.

aaaand i stole my brothers cardigan.  you can do that when your brother is stylish, you know.

p.s. posting will be quite vague this week because i'm on vaca... expect some quiet around here :) 

Stella  – (July 4, 2012 at 6:48 PM)  

love the photos. i love that photo of the top knot!! :) super cute floral bow! oh, you're not alone with stealing sibling's clothes. my brother has some really cute print tees of starwars and the simpsons and sometimes even I can't help myself :)

Emma  – (July 4, 2012 at 8:49 PM)  

loveliness! Espescially the top knots! :)

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