that time i did a photo shoot with my 5-year-old neighbor

I took a bike ride in my Ugg boots to the orange tree between two houses with my 5-year-old neighbor, Reagan.  

(yep, this is how people dress in Arizona.  Ugg boots and shorts)

...and then she takes my camera and starts telling me what to do.  Like a real photographer.  Maybe this could go somewhere, and, I wonder where she learned all this? ;)

"Put your hands on your hips.  No, like this.  With both of them.  Okay, perfect. *snap* OH MY GOSH.  Ohhhhh my gosh.  THAT IS GORGEOUS.  Perfect!"

Abby  – (April 16, 2012 at 5:05 PM)  

This is great. :) Sounds like she's going to be quite the photographer!

~ Abby

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