my life as of late // instagram

"7 proven methods to help you screw up your kids deliberately and with skill!"

opal earrings in honor of grandmother.

team pride // go blue + club team

skyping with the coolest girl ever <3

wednesdays.  red tights+florals+boots=yes

the shoes i live in... at the baseball field.

when your class gets cancelled... go back to sleep.  i love online school.

donuts for elijah's birthday. (happy 7th, bb ewijah)

my bunny shirt w/ peter pan collar for easter. yep.

when your beloved headphones break... pull out the orange duct tape.

my life.

swimming... in march.


road trips with these ones.

meet geoff - my three-year-old flip phone.  Also known as, hey! Emma is lame and has a dumb phone.  I know, dealwithit.  he's cooler than the iphone.

practice. woot.


and of course... trey.


Hope  – (April 28, 2012 at 10:43 PM)  

First off, that bunny shirt? LOVE! Second, the colour of your headphones is so gorgeous. Third, the "my life" picture is all kinds of amazing, and fourth, Trey is adorable! :)

Olivia  – (April 29, 2012 at 7:02 AM)  

#1 All of your brothers are so cute!
#2 Your style rocks
#3 Those donuts look amazing.

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