I took it all for granted.  Every beautiful sunset, every 110°+ day.  Every walk in the desert, every 60° winter day.  

I realized something, after being on the East Coast for ten days.  It is simply not my home.  As beautiful as it is, as lovely as the weather is, and as amazing as the houses are... it will never be my home.  I simply didn't like the East Coast.  And I realized, on that vacation, that the West Coast will always be my home.  No matter where life takes me, Arizona will always be my home.  The desert - as ugly as it may be on holidays like Christmas - is always my favorite place to be.  I like the way the cactuses grow tall.  I like the way the car feels in the Summer after you've been sitting in a cold, air-conditioned room for too long.  I like the way the grass grows and how the air feels in the middle of a monsoon.  I like how you can put your fingers on the car window in the middle of the Summer and it burns from the heat.  I like having brown Christmases and how the cotton grows on the side of the freeway.  I like how the mountains surround my city and how the pool feels when the sun is setting.  I like Arizona, because it's my home.  And home is my favorite place to be.  

Anonymous –   – (June 29, 2012 at 1:17 PM)  

Arizona will ALWAYS have a place in my heart but CA is my home and it will, I think, always where I call home. I love you SO much and miss you SO much!


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