Currently // listening to the Biebs' new album.  I know.  I already know.  I'm one of those teenagers.  I already know that Justin Bieber is the #1 most overrated artist in the entire world, but I couldn't care any less.  As Long As You Love Me happens to be quite catchy.

You should check out // this video that I made with my friends.  Call Me Maybe happens to be one of the most overplayed songs in the entire world, but it's still this summer's theme song.

This month // my amazing friend Taylor is staying with me for the month of June, and gosh, you guys have no idea how fun it is to have another person your age to live with for four weeks.

This week // I played two games of Monopoly in which I got 20 million from Taylor after she landed on the two most expensive properties (which I happened to own both of and have hotels on each).  It's one of those moments where you love life.  I also built a really amazing fort with Taylor in which we made a million friendship bracelets and made a huge mess and ate lunch in it and attempted to sleep in it.  goodness, summer is my favorite.

Today // I've been working with Taylor all day on making a magazine out of magazines, and goodness, it's so much fun.  I'll have a post about it when we're finished.

Right now // I'm using a Kindle case as a mouse pad because I'm stupid.  That's right, I told my dad he needed to go out and bu a $70 magic mouse because it was "broken".  Turns out, the mouse pad was too bent to be used.  Kindle cases ftw.

That Awkward Moment // when Call Me Maybe comes on the radio (in your giant diesel Excursion filled with 8 people) and everyone in your car starts simultaneously dancing like this.

(the kindle case mouse pad)

(me killing taylor in monopoly)

(a page from our magazine)

(a glimpse at our fort and our friendship bracelet obsession)

(the mess we make on our dining room table when we make a magazine)

and there you have it.  the last meaningless blog post i will ever make.


Emma  – (June 20, 2012 at 8:50 AM)  

that wasn't meaningless! :) That was cool! I loved reading that. =) looks like you had a blast with Taylor! <3

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