Hello!  Good morning.  Afternoon.  Evening.  Whatever time you came across my blog today!! 
I got these in the mail yesterday.  BUDDY THE ELF PINS!!!!

They're so awesome.  And I'm still a geek :P

I have become rather fond of the actual dictionary, instead of using the one on my dashboard.  Except I think my mother would disagree that I continue my work with an actual dictionary.  I called her over because I couldn't find a word and she found it right underneath where I was looking.  

Only one more semester until Summer.  I'm so excited.

I wear mismatched socks.  it's kinda crazy, but it's soooo easy.  Haha.

Real Pencils.  Oh my.  I love these things.  I had been using mechanical ones for so long, until I finally realized what I was missing.  

My brother made this white house last night.  I think it's so cool.

I really need to be picking up my schools tuff right now.  I'd rather blog :)


p.s. nice conclusion, huh???!

Gaby  – (January 27, 2011 at 9:11 PM)  

The countdown til summer had began for me too, I'm also excited for that! hah :) Great pictures by the way :)

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