Big news and Great Finds.

I have big news......

My new blog......  gathering up {SNAPSHOTS} is coming soon :)

Stay tuned for the unveiling.  I, for one, am super uber excited.

new finds and loves:

My goodness.  This is so much fun!!  I got it from Carlotta, and she mentioned how late she is finding this site... so now I am SOO late. ;)

It is so much fun.  And, the best part... you can actually buy the things you like!!!!!  I am so happy about this :)

Self Portraits.

 I am loving these shots.  As the "photographer", I get NO pictures of myself.  When it came time to choose the pictures for the CHRISTmas card, I had only one.  
In the last two photos, I set my camera on my piano in my bedroom (where there's the most light), and snapped away.  I think I LOVE the images :)
This one was sort of a new haircut picture... I think it's so amazing how it doesn't even look like I took it ;)

Photo Ops.

I am finding now that there are always photo opportunities.  I try to bring my camera where I go, but it is so hard to remember sometimes.

 Such a terrible looking photo, but it means SO.MUCH. to me. These are the photo opportunities where I need my camera by my side.  At all times.
Even the Cherise and Isaiah photo ops.  I had no images of US with them, that I looked in my computer trash bin.  I dug some out, and i sort of fell in love with the images.  Again, web cam photos = blah.  I needed to have more pictures of us with them... because we really had no idea when they'd leave again.

What are some new finds and loves that you've found recently?


Kim Thompson  – (January 29, 2011 at 10:21 PM)  

You are just gonna have to let me take more pictures of you! cuz I luu huuuve You!!

emma claire  – (January 30, 2011 at 9:37 AM)  

Well it might help if you actually did that, then.

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