It seems crazy, the way things can change in a year.  I know how cliche that sounds, but it's really, truly true.

Last month was crazy with the busyness of Christmas, and I had things on my mind that I wanted to write about.  It just didn't come.  I think what I realized the most this year, with Trey's first Christmas and all, is that you never fully realize the extent of the joy that comes with having a baby in the house.

During Christmas, more things seem to hit you all at once.  Maybe it's the stress, or the pressure the world puts on us, or maybe it's that when you dwell on what Jesus did for us, you begin to dwell on the things He's done personally in your life, especially in the past year.

Well, today marks the ninth month birthday of our precious Trey Malachi.  You could say that a year ago I had absolutely zero idea just how profoundly blessed I would feel a year later.  The joy he has brought to my home, even amidst the hard days, has been unspeakably perfect.  A gift from God.  Totally.

It is absolutely crazyinsane when I think of what has honestly honestly been done for me to sit here with him today.  I cannot describe it.  I honestly can't.  But when I dwell on the amount of love and $$$$ and prayers and tears that were all given... just for him to come home... I cannot.  I just cannot describe it.

Nine months has always been an age that I love.  I've looked forward to it since he was just a few weeks old.  I love their joy and how their personality has finally come out.  This month he has just blossomed into this joyful, giggly, sassy-but-too-much little boy who makes my every day lovely.

Happy Nine Months, my gorgeous Treybe.  I love you I love you I love you I love you.

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