in no particular order....

where most of my time is spent in the winter

i took my last chemistry test and finished out the year with my final exam yesterday... i die.  
i love this.  so much.

thinks arizonians get excited about: cold weather.  hey, 44 degrees is really nice compared to 100s.

in case any of you were wondering what my hair looks like when i wake up.  

my state is the beautifulest

online school for west-coasters in a nutshell: wake up, go to class in pajamas at 6am, finish class, go back to bed.  

valentines day on the mantle.

(from today) somedays its just too much. 


going to church on christmas eve in all black because i'm cool like that.  this was also the night by bffs surprised me by showing up at my church... i about died.

i've spent approximately 60 wednesdays at starbucks this year learning geometry with my favorite math tutor and awesome friend gabby.  caffeine is good. 

holy mother of arizona iced teas.... i can die happy now.

because Chemistry deserves some sprucing up.  i added vintage paper. 

no, that is not toast (yes, someone asked me that).  

the biggest rainbow i ever did see.

i'm one of those girls that wears vintage shirts and loves it.

a california alley on the day i surprised my best friends.

this was 88 days ago.  people, it's dang close.

this is my bike, the tomato.  my dad helped me spray paint it, and now i look so awesome riding to walgreens and starbucks on it.

another self-pity photograph about my dairy-free diet *sigh*

Kiley  – (May 24, 2012 at 7:17 PM)  

i love your hair when you wake up! like seriously. it's like cali, i did nothing to my hair today, hair. hah!

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