the Trouble with Coldplay

Okay, I'll say it now, that I hated Coldplay..... until last month.  Last month when everything fell apart.  When the one thing I cared about came crashing down.  Then I listened to Coldplay.

Why is that, you may ask?  Because Coldplay reminds me of sad depressed rain.  I am a happy person and I don't want sad-depressing-rain music to influence me.  But when sad-depressing days happen, out comes the sad-depressing-rain music.

There's something about music.  During the summer I listened to Beyonce's album, 4, while browsing pinterest.  Now every time I hear Beyonce's album, I think about browsing pinterest.

So when it all fell apart, I listened to Coldplay.  I didn't want to listen to my happy music anymore, because honestly, I thought sad music would make me feel better.

So Coldplay it was.  And today, I listened to Coldplay... again.

Here's the trouble with Coldplay.  Their music is sad.  I was sad, so I listened to Coldplay.  When I listen to Coldplay anymore, it reminds me of that day.  That day was one of the worst days ever.  I guess you could say that Coldplay's music is super sad-depressing-rain music, but it cheers you up.  There's something about the way it's written, the words they use, that makes you happy.

I can hardly listen to Coldplay anymore because it reminds me of that day.  Remembering that day is not the best feeling in the world.  Life is terrible sometimes.  When it never goes your way, when you've been told no too many times and you feel like giving up.......... good music always helps.  Coldplay's songs are so well written.  I guess you could say that their music helped me get through that day.  Of course I didn't solely get through that awful day just because of Coldplay, but they definitely turned it around.

So when I listen to Coldplay now, it may remind me of hard days, it may make me remember things I don't want to, but their music helped me to move on.  Sometimes, if you just sit there and listen close to every word someone is singing, it hits you.  Fix You changed that for me.

When you try your best but you don't succeed, when you get what you want but not what you need; When you feel so tired but you can't sleep, stuck in reverse.  And the tears come streaming down your face.  When you loose something you can't replace.  When you love someone but it goes two ways.  Could it be worse?  This was exactly the way I felt.  I felt like I tried my best to get to that date, but I didn't succeed.  I lost something I couldn't replace.  It was like I loved that baby inside this strangers womb, but I didn't even know him.  I couldn't replace him.  I kept asking myself if it could get worse.  It most definitely could have been, but at that point in time it hurt so bad that it couldn't have been worse.

So what exactly is the trouble with Coldplay?  I think I just realized that there is no problem with them.  I have to leave the past behind.

Coldplay helped me get through the worst few days ever.  This probably sounds really silly to you.  But every time I think of loosing that baby, I think of Coldplay.

When you're having a bad day, listen to Coldplay.  Just do.  I have a friend that's obsessed with Coldplay.  This person kept telling me everyday to listen to them, and finally, when this fell apart, I did.  And today, I'm so happy I did.

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Dearest Be Lovely Emma, I love watching you walk the walk thru your blog. Keepin´ it real & just bein´ you...´s quite lovely.

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