yesterday, i did a speech on photography.  and it made me think about how awesome photography is, and how much i love it.

it's capturing life in a really beautiful way.  it's the personalities i capture thru photographs that will last forever.  it's the people i meet and the beauty inside everyone that makes me love my gift.  and today, these images made me so happy.

i take lots of pictures of these boys.  but hey, i'll take whatever models i get.  but this time... a different side.  i love the shots i got of eli.  the fourth one down makes me smile.  and logan.... well.... see for yourself.

and of course... his real personality:

my favorite.... my super cool brother... sometimes. ;)


mary ann  – (November 2, 2011 at 7:33 PM)  

cool! I love the way you edit your pictures.

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