i've been thinking lately..... who am i as a photographer?  what am i here to do, for you?  what am i here to do.... for me?  it's been lingering in my mind and i thought i'd share.

there is nothing better than looking thru a set of photographs.  but for me, there is nothing better than capturing the moment.  it is so easy to just sit back and watch life.  to remember the moments in your head.  but for me, there is nothing more special than everyday moments, through photographs.


sometimes, the sweetest moments are captured through photographs.  i don't think there is a better way to capture life than through this amazing way.  no other way on the planet can i literally hold those moments again in my hands...... than through photographs.  all i really want to do is capture the moment.  the moment when your child turns one.  the moment when you're pregnant with your first, second, third, etc, child.  the moment when you walk down the aisle.  the moment when your teenage daughter is a senior in highschool.  because, honestly?  life is so short.  and, life goes by  one day, you're five years old, and the next, you're seventeen, driving yourself to school.  and what better way to capture the moment, then through photography????

people define me as a photographer.  without people, my work would not be art.  i can look into the eyes of a person i just photographed and feel as if they are right here with me.  the people are who make my photographs my photographs.  sure, flowers and landscape and the beach and nature is really beautiful, but there is nothing better than looking into the eyes of a photographed person.  and in my eyes..... photographing people is what gives me the most joy.  and i want to capture people, so that their beauty may be alive forever, even when they aren't.  

Kaarin Puhala –   – (November 5, 2011 at 6:12 PM)  

Yay! Can't wait for you to photograph my family. It is soooo rare that we are all together (my parents and my brother), so this is really special for me. (and for my mom)

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