for a long time (even like two months ago), all i ever blogged about was life.  all the photos i ever shared were of my life.

and now, i don't really want to go back to that.  sure, life is awesome, and why not document it? but, i would much rather write blog posts about things that mean more to me, and would bless you, then everyday life.  although everyday life really can be a blessing to people.... as they see the way i live because of my belief in Christ.... it still means more to me to write things with meaning behind it.

i want to post about meaningful topics.  meaningful to you and me.  there's something about reading what you wrote, that feels great.  especially when it turned out the way you wanted it.

that Africa post is one of my favorites, now.  it turned out exactly the way i wanted it.  i said what i wanted to say.  i impacted the world with the words i used.

and that's the thing that i love about blogging.

i can impact the world by the words i use..... with just a few pushes of the keyboard, a click of the mouse, and the unlimited ideas & things on my heart, my words can be posted for the world to see.  and i can impact them with what i say.

one of the things i've been thinking about is how people buy into the media a little too much.  especially when you watch CNN.  this is because the way they speak and tell the breaking news and act like everything is the end of the world, makes you believe them.  is there really that much drama in this presidential election?  is the world really ending?  it's almost as if news is more like gossip these days.  it doesn't really benefit you, and you walk away from your television going "yeah, what they said about blah blah blah is really true."... and then live your life with the influence of what Anderson Cooper has to say, not what the Bible says.

so why don't we, as believers, write in that manner?  if people read my blog posts, and begin to live their life like what i talk about, i would be overjoyed.  that's my purpose of writing here.

because, personally, i enjoy reading something, and walking away being impacted.  i definitely strive to walk away from blog posts i write hoping that people will be impacted by my words.

and i think if we all write like that, we can impact more people.  make people believe us and the truth we are speaking of, rather than what's on CNN, or whatever you choose to watch.

although life is completely wonderful, and can indeed impact people by living your life w/ Jesus Christ as your truth and way of going about daily life, but I am choosing to write about things that will impact you, and make you want to do something for the Lord.

Gabby  – (November 17, 2011 at 1:01 PM)  

beautiful. you inspire me emma.

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