today is thanksgiving.  and today, we are commanded to give thanks to the One who gave us it all in the first place.

today, i am thankful for ::

01/ my family.  they are the best.
02/ the chance to be able to be home-schooled.  
03/ my three really crazy brothers.
04/ my amazing friends.
05/ the house i live in, which is taken for granted everyday.
06/ the Lord and what he has done for me.
07/ my camera.
08/ my ability to see.  i can see the beauty in the world because the Lord has given me eyes. 
09/ the people i am surrounded with.  
10/ health.  i am alive and healthy and the only reason is because God has chosen to keep me from sickness.
11/ a bed.  i get to sleep on a comfy bed while others are sleeping on the dirt. 
12/ a family!!!!  there are so many without one today, and i am thankful for that.
13/ an education.  
14/ to be able to live in a free country, where i can worship who i want and be FREE!

and on.  and on.  and on.  

there is so much to be thankful for today.  but today, i will be thankful for everything i do have, not what i want to have, and i hope you will too.

happy thanksgiving, everyone!  have a lovely day; stuff your face with good food, fill your home with great friends and family, and be thankful for everything you have.


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