a good morning from my view

i quite liked my hair this day.

there are CHRISTmas lights in my bedroom and i was happy. (still am.)

a bike ride on the tomato. 

dear friends.

apple cider on a rainy night with my fav sweater.  yesyesyesyes.

straight hair and a fav shirt.

i stole my brother's cardigan.

online school is my favorite.  and it's made better at 6am because christmas lights and octagon mirrors. 

my dear friend galilee's birthday happened. 

a list

a post-thanksgiving awkward selfie

a bike ride as the sun sets.

i love arizona sunsets i. 

cooking cranberries for thanksgiving.

in a jacket drinking tea as the sun set.


a sockbun and a fav blazer.

my view. love.

my favorite tradition - my mother makes christmas snack once each year, and this year she made it in the sink. 

i love arizona sunsets ii. 

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