Today, we received Trey's birth certificate in the mail.  It has never in all my life made me quite as overjoyed as it did to hold that piece of paper in my hands, to see my last name on it, to know it means forever.  To know it means he will never leave my family.  I could talk and talk and talk for days about what adoption means to me, but things like these.... this is why I love it so.  Forever has never felt as beautiful in my heart as it does tonight.  It's been a long seven months.  More things have happened in the past seven months than I know was possible to happen in such a short time period.  But every day that I wake up and see his face, I am reminded of the perfect story God made for Trey.  Even if it was official on September 6th, it has never felt better to hold a piece of paper in my hands and say forever.

If you've prayed for Trey or my family during some of those moments when I didn't know if I would ever hold this piece of paper in my hands, I want to thank you.  You are a part of his story.  And there is nothing truer in my mind tonight than the fact that my God is greater.

We are overjoyed that God gave us forever with Trey.

Natalia G  – (December 14, 2012 at 10:52 PM)  

awuh he is too cute! I'm ohso happy for you and your family. I'm sure it's been a long journey but now y'all have forever. xx

Joanna  – (December 15, 2012 at 12:26 PM)  

Aww, look at that HAIR! He was so tiny!

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