(because i hate to schedule posts, especially heartfelt ones.  i shall again interrupt my break and bring this piece of work to you. xo)

He grew in her, for nine entire months.  He lived and moved and breathed in her, for nine months.  He was created in her.  God literally moved mountains to create him in her.  And he looked upon her, even before he moved those mountains, and said, I choose you.

He was present, fully and 100% present, for those entire nine months.  Even when no one else was, He was present.  He was there, creating and knitting together this little being we call Trey Malachi today.  He was there when she chose us.  Oh, was He present when she chose us.  He was present during that phone call.  He was present in the heartache and in the rejoicing.  He was there.  All because when she was born He looked upon her and said, I choose you.

We'd been waiting.  We'd been waiting because we knew what God had told us to do.  We knew what we were commanded to do.  We knew that we were supposed to welcome a son, a fifth child, into our family.  We knew this, we believed it, we did this.  Why?  Because God once looked upon every one of us and said, I choose you.

We waited more, on that Tuesday after he was born.  We prayed, had knots in our stomachs.  We ached, we hoped, we rejoiced.  But then there was a text message, two phone calls, tears, joy.  It didn't matter how it happened, it was just that in that moment the only thing I felt God was saying was, I choose you.

And when God said those three words, so did she.  She said I choose you to raise my son.  I choose you to share a last name with him.  I choose you to be the parents, the siblings, of my son, who grew and was created in me.  I choose you to adopt my son, to raise him as yours, to be his family.  She said I choose you because when I did, God already had.

It isn't about how it happened or why it happened.  It isn't about details or little things.  It is just because God looked upon us and said


It's crazy how those three words can change a person's life in an instance.

All I know is...

I'm so grateful they changed mine.  In many, many ways, they've changed mine.

Hallelujah, our God is good.

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